“Harlem Tenants Vow to Fight Developer’s Expansion Plan”: DNA Info

UHAB has been working with the Harlem Tenants Aganist Tahl-Propp for two years. During this time, the tenants have had a number of victories. Joseph Tahl’s name has been smeared across numerous New York City publications, and the property developer is known in several circles as a perpetrator of “planned gentrification” in Harlem.

Two years ago HTATP prevented HPD from selling a vacant lot at East 107th Street to Tahl-Propp Equities, who planned to develop the site with housing units with rents far above the Manhattan AMI. It was a huge victory.

Unfortunately, it was as short-lived as it was sweet. The lot at East 107th Street remains undeveloped, and Joseph Tahl has submitted a bid for the lot for a second time. He is asking Manhattan Community Board 11 to give him their blessing in his quest to own all of Harlem.

Read more about Harlem Tenants’ struggle here from DNA Info.


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