REAL Rent Reform Fights to Protect Affordable Housing

UHAB is one of several groups fighting the affordable housing fight across New York City. Several of our allies, including NYS Tenants and Neighbors and the Community Service Society, have been particularly involved in the Real Rent Reform (R3) campaign that is taking the New York housing world by storm. Here is a recap of what they are doing, and why their cause is so important:

Everybody knows New York City is an expensive place to live. Rents are high. Thankfully, since the end of the World War II, there have been significant rent regulations in place to protect long time, low income tenants from the monumental rent hikes and rise in cost of living that New York City residents are all-too familiar with. Rent control and rent stabilization are bastions in the fight to preserve New York affordable housing. Thanks to the Urstadt Law, they are state-mandated programs. But on June 15, 2011, they are set to expire. Governor Cuomo has not moved to include them in the New York State 2011 budget.

The Real Rent Reform coalition is fighting not only to get these laws renewed, but to strengthen them. They had a relatively eventful week last week, holding a Unity Rally at New York City Hall, marching on the Real Estate Board of New York, and finally holding a protest in Albany in solitary with those most affected by budget cuts. Read more about their cause, which fights for tenant protections, economically diverse and viable neighborhoods, and stable rent increases. Join them in their struggle to keep New York City affordable!

Learn more about rent control and rent stabilization via the Metropolitan Council on Housing’s fact sheets.


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