Preserving Affordable Housing Brick by Brick

Predatory Equity is a process whereby banks make unsupportable loans to speculative buyers, enabling them to purchase buildings with the explicit purpose of removing regulation, raising rents, and displacing low and moderate income families.

UHAB is working with tenants to elicit support of partner organizations, legal representatives, elected officials, city housing agencies, and the media, to run campaigns which expose these injustices and demand decent and habitable building conditions.  Help us put an end to predatory equity, and support our pledge by clicking on the brick beneath it to make a $10 contribution to this vital campaign.

“We envision a New York City that is comprised of diverse communities which can advocate for themselves. We want to see this city become a hub for responsible lending and financial reform that benefits all people.”

By clicking on the brick image below, you’ll be redirected to PayPal, and billed $10 for each brick you donate.  If you do not have a PayPal account, you can simply enter your credit card information in a secure, one-time form through this site.

After you donate, you will be redirected back to our site for a download of your virtual brick certificate!

Before you go, can you do us a favor and tell your friends about Brick by Brick?

Post to your Facebook wall!

Tweet it!

As more and more people donate virtual bricks, our building will begin to fill up with newly restored red bricks. Watch as we reach toward our goal of 500 bricks for $5,000!  Our brick tally will be updated once a day at 8am, to catch all of the previous day’s contributions. Look back tomorrow to see the latest count!

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