“Foreclosed Bronx Buildings Have New Owner”: WNYC News Blog

Photo via WNYC News Blog

UHAB organizers and organizers from the North West Bronx Community Clergy Coalition have been working with the “Milbank 10” for over a year. Public officials, including HPD, Speaker Christine Quinn, Boro President Diaz,and Mayor Bloomberg, have been great allies in the battle, coming to the Bronx to speak out for Milbank tenants multiple times.

Tuesday morning saw these allies in the Bronx again, praising the sale of these buildings, the tenacity of tenants, and the great value of investors like Finkelstein Timberger Real Estate . But if you ask organizers at The Surreal Estate, the jury is still out. We hope that Finkelstein Timberger Real Estate will rehabilitate these buildings. We hope that the agreement forged with tenants in February 2011 remains upheld.

Stay tuned with UHAB organizers and The Surreal Estate to see how this purchase plays out. Stay tuned to see what we think of Finkelstein. Not all of his tenants think he’s so great of a guy, and as of Tuesday morning, we were all standing together celebrating, well, nothing — yet. We stand – as ever – cautiously optimistic for the Milbank Tenants and hoping Finkelstein holds ALL his buildings to the same high standard, whether elected officials are looking over his shoulder or not.


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