May 12 – Meet Up, Teach in, and Take Back Our City!

Are you tired of the special deals and loopholes for banks and corporations? Are you frustrated that there doesn’t seem to be enough money for affordable housing, schools, transportation, and human services?

Well, May 12th is your chance to scream, to teach, and to  fight back with the rest of the NY community. Labor, community groups, students, teachers – we’re all banning together to take back this city and tell Mayor  Bloomberg – MAKE WALL STREET BANKS AND MILLIONARES PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE IN TAXES.

Starting at 4:00 pm, orientation will begin in public assembly sights throughout the Wall Street area, each one with a different theme. This will be followed by a march into the financial district where the city’s largest teach-in will educate all NYer’s on what it will take to rebuild our economy. We will close by discussing next steps to ensure that Mayor Bloomberg makes a commitment to a  strong and fair economy for all.

Join us! 4:00 on May 12th at the housing site at 1 State Street (By the Staten Island Ferry).

Are you excited? I am. Let’s take back this City and demand a more equitable redistribution of wealth!

For more information check out:


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