“Banks Got Bailed Out – We Got Sold Out!”

New Yorkers screamed until we were blue in the face.

No matter our color, gender, profession – for a few hours on Thursday we were united. 20,000 people thickening out lower Manhattan, signs blazing and cheers radiating.

There was no mistaking the message:

“Banks got bailed out and we got sold out! Bloomberg – it’s time to start representing the interests of thousands of New Yorkers and rearrange the state budget so that millionaires and banks pay their fair share!”

According to the NY Post, the mayor has issued a statement in response to the protest saying, “it would have been ‘more useful’ if the demonstrators had joined him in Albany to protest reductions in state aid”.

The OnMay12 coalition plans on responding by stating, “If the Mayor missed our dozens of rallies, sit-ins, and lobby days in Albany it must be because he was not up there much himself. While we were fighting to save our communities and our schools, Mayor Bloomberg was more pre-occupied with fighting over which teachers to lay off. Instead of fighting for working families, our Mayor lobbied for billions in tax cuts for wealthy and Wall Street – money that we desperately needed to keep basic services going. Mayor Bloomberg can’t have it both ways. Today’s budget crisis is his creation and New Yorkers are right to put the blame on his shoulders.”

Good work NY! Let’s continue to keep our leaders accountable!


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