Final Push in Campaign to Strengthen Rent Laws

The New York State Rent Laws are set to expire TOMORROW. So, what does this mean for tenants?

New York State’s rent laws, which allow for the continued existence of rent regulation, expire or “sunset” periodically. When the laws are scheduled to sunset, the state legislature has to decide whether or not to extend them. Our rent regulation system protects tenants from the negative impacts of the severe housing shortage we face, such as speculative and unwarranted rent increases and baseless or retaliatory eviction, so if the rent laws were allowed to sunset it would have catastrophic consequences for tenants.

The final week of the legislative session is upon us. Tenants will keep fighting until the laws are not just renewed, but strengthened. Governor Cuomo, Speaker Sheldon Silver, and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos all agree that rent stabilization should continue to exist in New York. Even landlord lobby groups and other spokespeople for the real estate industry have acknowledged that the laws should be renewed. This means that tenant advocates are focusing on pushing for pro-tenant reforms of the laws. The session ends on June 20 and tenant advocates are committed to fighting until then if necessary to get the strongest possible bill rather than accepting a weaker bill sooner.

How can you help win real rent reform this year?

  • Attend a rally in front of Governor Cuomo’s New York City office for stronger rent laws, TOMORROW, Wednesday June 15 at 5:00 PM in front of 633 Third Ave between 41st and 42nd Street.
  • Join the Real Rent Reform Campaign in Albany. There will be a bus departing for Albany tomorrow, Wednesday June 15, at 10:00 AM from 95th & Broadway (in front of McDonalds). Contact Larry Wood from Goddard Riverside to reserve your free seat on the bus at 212-873-6600 or
  • Buses are scheduled to depart every day until the rent laws are renewed. Contact or call 212-608-4320 ex 306 for more information.

Guest post by Jessie Levine of New York State Tenants & Neighbors
For more information on the Real Rent Reform (R3) campaign, click here.


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