New Online Database of NYC’s Subsidized Housing!

Today, the New York Times reported on NYU’s Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy’s new online database of New York City’s subsidized housing.   This database will be a useful tool for anyone interested in housing, whether they are organizers, policy makers, people concerned about housing in their communities, or any New Yorker wary about the shrinking stock of affordable places to live.  Next week, the Furman Center is opening its doors to affordable housing advocacy groups in New York City to provide an extensive training on how to use this new resource most effectively. UHAB Organizers are looking forward to utilizing this exciting new tool.

“A NEW interactive database developed by New York University lets renters and buyers track nearly all the privately held subsidized housing in New York City.

The need to take stock of affordable apartments, which were quickly disappearing in the last decade as market-rate real estate boomed, led city officials to select the university’s Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy to compile the database, called the Subsidized Housing Information Project.

The database has extensive information about 304,800 affordable rental and co-op units in about 2,600 properties. A tutorial is available online at An interactive map that lets users filter searches by location, subsidies and physical condition, as well as other criteria, can be reached directly at

The database, which cost just over $1 million to create, consolidates information from 50 public and private data sources, a testament to how complex affordable housing programs are in New York City, said Vicki L. Been, the faculty director of the Furman Center. That complexity has made it hard to track the affordable housing supply.”

Continue reading this article here.


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