The Bronx Ink: “Landlord ordered to pay tenant $33,000”

If you believe you are being overcharged for your rent and you live in a rent-stabilized building, bring a copy of your lease, rent stubs, and photo ID to DHCR (Department of Housing and Community Renewal). If you find out are being overcharged – you can sue your landlord with a rent overcharge complaint and get money back! Call: 1-866-ASK-DHCR or go their website  for more information and read the story below!

A Bronx single mother could soon be collecting a fat check from her landlord, paying her back for charging her too much rent on her one-bedroom apartment.

“On Sept. 1, the state’s Department of Housing and Community Renewal found that Iris Vega-Ortiz, 41, was charged an excess of $400 every month for her Perry Avenue apartment in Norwood, and is now due to collect more than $33,000 from her landlord. Read More


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