Tahl-Propp for Kids?


IOn our way to a building yesterday evening, we spotted this young man sporting this backpack. For those of you not familiar with Tahl-Propp, they are a notorious speculative developer in Harlem. We featured tenants in a Tahl-Propp building several months ago (“Tahl-Propp Tenants Speak Out”) and based on the response we received, the picture that residents of 601 W. 149th Street painted of their building seemed to resonate with Tahl-Propp tenants across the city.

I can think of quite a few things that Tahl-Propp stands for: (Raising rents, tenant harassment, bad conditions, and general money-makin’ on the the backs of the Harlem community.) “Kids” doesn’t immediately come to mind.


3 thoughts on “Tahl-Propp for Kids?

  1. Just did a little primary source research on tahl propp and nothing came up about raising rents, “money-makin” or tenant harassment. That’s just the usual innuendo and hearsay we see in many blogs where writers shoot first and ask questions later.

    What did come up was that the backpack you pictured was one of more than 1,000 that were filled with school supplies and distributed free of charge by tahl propp to kids in east harlem as part of the company’s back to school initiative. The backpacks were distributed throughout the East Harlem community at events sponsored by Life Changers Church & Ministries, Hunter College School of Social Work, Ministries of Manhattan and God’s Touch Healing Ministry.

    It seems Kids and Tahl Propp do go together after all.

    1. Please take note that in this blog post, we do not purport to know what Tahl-Propp does and does not do for children, we merely state that the first thing that comes to our minds when we think of the developer is their notorious fights with community groups in the East Harlem that have sparked debates with local, state, and even federal policy makers. We speak from our first-hand experience with tenants in many Tahl-Propp buildings. We have community based primary-source evidence that their landlord neglects their buildings and harasses long-term residents to move out (which allows TP to raise rents.) It is easy to see, through a simple Google search, that TP’s presence in the East Harlem community is certainly contentious.

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