Friday News Round Up, Labor Day Edition!

The office is closing early today in honor of Labor Day. Here’s a quick post before we go:

  1. This is probably the first and the last time we will ever post something published by Fox News on our website. (When can we become card-carrying members of the Liberal Media?) But when Fox News is going around calling Paul Ryan “deceiving” and “distracting” we just can’t resist. Read more here.
  2. In more news from the RNC, just what is happening with Clint Eastwood?
  3. As Paul Volker famously said “The only useful things banks have invented in the past twenty years is the ATM.” Now, Citi Group is paying $590 million dollars  for a complex securitization system that obfuscated their significant investment in subprime mortgages. We’re glad that Citi is feeling some heat, but we’d like to see some retribution for homeowners as well as for investors.
  4. Vito Lopez has announced that he will not be seeking re-election as leader of the Brooklyn Democratic Party next month. Frank Seddico is the front-runner for Vito Lopez’s seat, a candidate that many sources say is just “more of the same.” Mr. Seddico has long-term ties to the Democratic machine and has recently been investigated due to his close ties to disgraced State Senator Carl Kruger. He is an old friend of Vito Lopez (though in light of recent events is now calling for his resignation, “if the charges are true.”) JoAnne Simon is running against Mr. Seddico, saying that Brooklyn needs real, progressive change. The election is on September 19th. If you live in Brooklyn: get out and VOTE!

Happy Labor Day!


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