Friday News Round-Up!

This is our first September news round-up. This week kids went back to school in New York City (and many, many other places to probably.) Other things also happened:

  1. Richard Florida at The Atlantic Cities, with the help of Paul Romer and the NYU Urbanization Project makes a case for City-Sponsored Visas, temporary with the possibility of renewal and a path to citizenship. Of course, employers already sponsor Visa Applications, as do colleges. Read more. We think this is a really creative idea that could make a big impact in opening doors to  immigrant communities.
  2. Our favorite speeches from the DNC: Julian Castro, Elizabeth Warren, Bill Clinton and Joe Biden. (Does Biden tear up at the end of this one?) Michelle Obama and her husband were also good.
  3. Check out New York Mag to read more about Vito Lopez, the ever-deepening scandal and what it means for Sheldon Silver. And of course, Power-Hungry Andrew Cuomo possibly taking advantage of this moment. However, Silver will not be investigated by the Joint Commission on Public Ethics. And the New York Times talks about the trouble with saying “NO” to Brooklyn Kingmaker Vito Lopez. And don’t forget to vote on September 19th for Mr. Lopez’s replacement. Governor Paterson says Brooklyn should look for young Brooklyn democrats to replace Vito Lopez as county chairman.
  4. That’s My Issue at The Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC is a great way to let other audience members know why the issue you are most passionate about is important, politically or personally. A couple weeks ago Brian Lehrer had a call-in “That’s My Issue” about homeownership and how it has shaped your politics.
  5. At City Limits, NYCHA Residents Seek More Power. City Limits responds to investigations of NYCHA on the part of the New York Daily News.
  6. It’s official: The Rent Is Too Damn High. The Council for Community and Economic Research in Washington, DC released a report proving Brooklyn is the 2nd most expensive place to live in the country, topped only by…anyone care to guess?…Manhattan. The Center for New York City Neighborhoods responds to what this could mean for Brooklyn’s black communities. Read more at Colorlines.

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