Friday News Round-Up

If you haven’t already checked out coverage of Monday’s press conference, do it. And here’s what else happened this week:

  1. The Obama administration leaked plans for a second term, and its all about housing.  And Ed DeMarco, head of FHFA, may finally lose his job. And as The Atlantic points out, that may mean that a lot of other people may get theirs back! This is a good news. (If you’re in Ohio, VOTE!)
  2. Which would you rather? Be Stopped and Frisked, or “cooked over a low heat, kept alive as long as possible.” The NYPD is a continues to be a shining example of appropriate police behavior.
  3. Get ready for Frankenstorm! Governor Cuomo has declared a state of emergency. Some things to bear in mind: Many of the buildings we work with will not be able to stand up to winds and rain of this velocity. In many of these buildings, even a light rain causes it to rain inside. If the storm hits the way that meteorologists are expecting it to, we expect that our tenants will suffer from a disproportionate level of damage. Check out this post from when Hurricane Irene hit New York.
  4. Speaking of preparing for weather, heat should now be turned on. If it isn’t call your landlord or call 311. Or do both.



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