HPD Releases FY 2013 AEP List

Each year, HPD releases a list of the 200 most physically distressed buildings in the city. These are the 200 new buildings that will enter the Alternative Enforcement Program. Because buildings are not discharged from AEP until conditions have been rectified, about 500 buildings remain in the program from previous years. You can read more about AEP in the City’s report on the first 5 years of the program, released in July 2012.

Last week, HPD released the list of AEP buildings for FY 2013. Check it out. The buildings are overwhelmingly located in low income areas of Brooklyn, Upper Manhattan and the Bronx. There are only a few properties located in Queens and Staten Island. Many of them have active Lis Pendens – the first step in a foreclosure case – indicating that distressed buildings are experiencing financial troubles.

There are some familiar addresses on the list. In 1054 Southern Boulevard, tenant leaders, are asking HPD to replace their negligent landlord with a city-approved manager (the 7A program.)  The Tenant’s Association of 3 buildings in Sunset Park are on rent strike with the assistance of UHAB and South Brooklyn Legal Services.

The Alternative Enforcement Program is an excellent example of the ways that HPD has been effective in intervening in dangerous housing situations in New York City. That’s why we were excited last month when the program was expanded to take into account underlying conditions and to enable the City to work with more buildings.

Hazardous living conditions, like the kinds identified for targeted enforcement through AEP, put already-vulnerable families at an even higher risk. It is a public health concern, a housing concern, and a human rights concern. We hope that these identified buildings will improve over the next year as HPD oversees extensive repairs.


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