Mold at 1058 Southern Boulevard

Today, we have two events you should come to, and two congratulations to our allies whose hard work is paying off:

  1. JOIN US, Mothers on the Move, Take Back the Bronx, and other groups in supporting the Tenants Association of 1058 Southern Boulevard this month at 2416 National Drive in Brooklyn. The enraged tenants will deliver an eviction notice to their landlord, Miriam Shasho. After living side by side with conditions that threaten their health and safety, the tenants have had enough: they are pushing HPD to file a 7A action, which, if successful, will take the building out of the hands of the neglectful landlord.
    What: Protest against slumlord Miriam Shasho
    When: Monday, February 18th at 12:30 PM
    Where: 2416 National Drive, Brooklyn NY
  2.  As documented by the NY Times and Huffington Post, the powerful Real Estate Lobby floods Albany with obscene amounts of money. There is momentum for meaningful Campaign Finance Reform this year, and we cannot miss the opportunity.  On Monday, February 25th  join the Real Rent Reform campaign and Strong Economy for All’s Mike Kink to discuss how repealing Vacancy Destabilization, regaining Home Rule, and strengthening the rent laws in 2015 will be much easier if we can limit big money’s influence in Albany.
    What: Real Rent Reform Campaign Meeting
    When: Monday, February 25th at 6:30 PM
    Where: 113 E. 13th Street: 4/5/6/L/N/Q/R train to Union Sq.
    RSVP at | 212-979-6238 x 203
  3. ANHD’s new report evaluates Bloomberg’s New Housing Marketplace Plan, and finds that “affordability” is often a misnomer. You can read the extensive report here, or learn about it at the NYTimes or at Gothamist. Great work to our allies at ANHD!
  4. More congratulations to our allies Banana Kelly and CASA for successfully negotiating an affordable housing deal in three highly distressed buildings on College Avenue. Tenants in these properties worked long and hard to secure a landlord who would respect their wishes and give them a say in the future of their homes. They have suffered long enough!

Monday is a National Holiday, so join us in Mill Basin as we protest incompetent landlords who put Bronx tenants at risk! You have no excuse!!


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  1. Tenants Association of 1058 Southern Boulevard, you have friends in Brooklyn with the same landlord. She is operating under the name Jaysson sales inc. and pulling the same stuff.

  2. Both programs take about 2.5-3 yrs to finish, students loans of $50-70k, but the OT program has a couple of more prerequisites. I will start in either profession in my 40’s and plan to be in it until retirement. Is one career more challenging then the other, as far as age or does it make a difference? Also the OT program because of prereqs., I can’t enter the program until another 1.5 years and the Psy. program in about 6 months.
    I would love input from people who are in the fields or have either degree.
    Thank you.

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