Tenants Rally Today to Evict Landlord!

Tenants at 1058 Southern Boulevard are furious!  They have suffered for too long with unlivable conditions under the reign of one of the top ten worst landlords in the city, Miriam Shasho. Tenants are denied basic amenities such as heat/ hot water, and have lived with horrible mold and dangerous leaks.

A few months ago, Lisa Ortega, a tenant who has lived in the building for years, decided that enough is enough and began setting up tenant meetings to talk about condition problems.  An experienced organizer and founded of RIPPED, Lisa recognized the injustice of what was taking place in the building, and knew that if tenants could take collective action, they could improve conditions.

Here are a few pictures taken of black mold inside Lisa’s apartment:

black mold

mold 2

Tenants are currently working with HPD to have their building placed in the 7A program.  This program would take the building out of Miriam Shasho’s hands and into the hands of a 7A administrator.  The administrator would collect rents, make quality repairs, and work for the tenants!  Tenants have decided it’s time to evict their landlords and begin paying someone who will be take responsibility for their property and honor tenant rights.

JOIN US to EVICT Miriam Shasho from 1058 Southern Blvd!

When: TODAY, 12:30 pm

Where: 2416 National Drive in Brooklyn

Enough is Enough!


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