Alex Varveris: Tenants Demand More!

tenants demand more3! 3.18.13

Tenants at 1153 St. Johns Pl in Crown Heights, Brooklyn are furious! Not only has their landlord walked away from the building, but also the lender, first Flushing Savings Bank and now Alex Varveris have abandoned them as well.  Stuck in seemingly perpetual foreclosure, the tenants suffer from horrible conditions problems ranging from mold and leaks to holes in the floors and ceilings.  The building has been been enrolled in HPD’s AEP Program since 2011.   

In 2012, Alex Varveris, a known slumlord, purchased 1153 St. John Pl’s mortgage from Flushing Savings Bank, but has yet to substitute himself into the foreclosure case.  Tenants want a voice in the outcome of the foreclosure are demanding to meet with him, but rather than taking responsibility for his property and his role in moving the foreclosure forward, Varveris is refusing to meet.  In an effort to grab his attention (in addition to taking him to court in the next few weeks), tenants have hung a sign from their building which reads: “Alex Varveris: Tenants Demand More!” Stay tuned for more news on this campaign, and tenants’ struggles to make their voices heard!



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