Save the Dates!

Rats Plague Tenants at 1894 Cornelia St.
Rats Plague Tenants at 1894 Cornelia St.

Tenants in buildings we are organizing have two exciting actions coming up, and they need your support!

  1. Support the Sunset Park Rent Strikers in their ongoing struggle for the right to decent, safe, affordable housing! The tenants’ hard work has won important victories, but there is much left to be done. On Monday, June 3rd, tenants will be holding a rally and a press conference outside of 553 46th Street (in Brooklyn) at 10 am. Tenants are demanding that Seryl LLC, a mystery debt-buyer, emerge from the shadows and put forth a plan to address moldy bathrooms, foul sewer fumes, falling plaster, a leaky roof and more. These tenants, with the help of various community groups, are hoping to convert their building to a limited equity cooperative! In order to make that happen we need to show Seryl LLC that the only people who ought to be investing in this property are the residents themselves. Show up and give your support!
  2. The Ridgewood Stabilis Tenants’ Association is fed up! Their 6 buildings are in foreclosure and bankruptcy, and tenants live side by side with mold, rats, fallen ceilings, and shoddy electricity. Several tenants are lacking basic appliances, like stoves and refrigerators. Residents are sick of hearing from bankers who are more interested in “protecting the asset” than they are in providing safe living conditions. Tenants will be on the steps of the bankruptcy court at Bowling Green on June 19th at 10 am to demand better conditions and a preservation deal for their buildings.

Save the date, spread the word, and we hope to see you there!


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