Friday News Round-Up


  1. Bill DeBlasio and Bill Thompson both released their economic plans for NYC yesterday. DeBlasio’s plan focuses on the growing inequality between working class New Yorkers and the very rich, while Bill Thomson speaks about increased economic opportunity for the poor.
  2. In many cities the foreclosure crisis has come hand in hand with mass vacancy – there are whole blocks of Detroit that are entirely unoccupied. This has led to a movement in urban planning to “shrink cities,” which, in turn, has been met with fierce opposition. The New York Times speaks about this in “The Death and Life of Chicago,” which will be in this weekend’s magazine. The piece talks about the grassroots organizing that has brought many homeless people back into housing, against the backdrop of Rahm Emmanuel’s gilded downtown Chicago renaissance.
  3. Much of the news this week about the housing market has been focused on the rebound in housing prices. But, just like the rebound in the stock market and the rebound in Wall Street salary, this doesn’t necessarily represent the very real recession still felt by working people. The renewed interest in the housing market has come from banks and private equity funds buying up mortgages at unsustainable levels that does little to bring people back into their homes. Read more here.
  4. As we wrote about yesterday, tenants in 1507 St. Johns Place showed reporters from News 12 the horrid conditions they have been living under. The above photo, from Tanisha Mosley’s apartment, shows the state of her bathroom. She had just left the bathroom, with her 4 month old baby, when the ceiling collapsed. Tenants deserve better!

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