Friday News Round-up!

Another week gone! And just two more days until we get to go back to work fighting for affordable housing!

  1. UHAB in the news! Kerri White was interviewed on BronxNet’s OPEN TV, Cea Weaver and Elise Goldin were featured on WBAI’s Global Movements, Urban Struggles alongside the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign, and the Queens Courier covered last week’s rally against Stabilis Capital at Bankruptcy Court! Some more press is expected in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!
  2. Another mayoral forum: ANHD and its member organizations hosted a mayoral forum on affordable neighborhoods at Calvary/St. George’s on Tuesday. The candidates agree on lots of things. Anthony Weiner still doesn’t support rent regulated tenants (or for that matter, appear to really understand what rent regulation is.) John Liu had the most exciting proposal of the night when he suggested that the city should penalize building owners with a lot of violations by limiting their ability to purchase new housing. Christine Quinn didn’t attend the event.
  3. The City Council overrode Mayor Bloomberg’s veto on paid sick leave, and the policy is now law. Crain’s New York gave us some breathtaking insight that Quinn’s decision to allow the vote to come to the council floor was motivated by politics. Duh.
  4. The Joint Center for Housing Studies released their 2012 report on the State of the Nation’s Housing, and the evidence is that as incomes go down and rent goes up, its tough to afford housing! Read the fact brief.
  5. Tenants from buildings owned by Chestnut Holdings, a major Bronx landlord, are protesting over harassment and extensive fees. Housing code violations, the tenants say, are not their biggest problem. Just goes to show that you can fix up a building to code without doing the real work that makes a property a nice place to live. Keep following the Chestnut campaign as residents fight for better conditions, affordability, and freedom from their predatory landlord!

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