50 Years Since the March on Washington, We’re Still Marching


Fifty years ago Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. organized the historic march on Washington where he delivered his “I have a dream speech.”  We’re not going to get all sappy on you, but we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight two marches happening in New York City  in the next few days which will also have historic consequences.

1. Today, groups throughout the US are holding solidarity actions with “Justice for Trayvon.” Here in NYC, The People Power Assembly is organizing a march from Harlem to the Bronx demanding an end to the racist war on youth of color.  Between recent attention on NYPD’s Stop and Frisk policy and the devastating results of George Zimmerman’s trial, New York City is mobilizing to call attention to the City and county’s racist practices, particularly on how they impact youth of color.  

Today’s schedule of events:

4:00 pm Gather @ 25th Police Precinct, E. 119 St., near Lexington Ave.

4:30 pm March

5:00 pm Rally @ Harlem State Office Bldg., 125 St. & AC Powell Blvd.

6:00 pm March to the Bronx

  • 7:00 pm Rally @ 40Th Police Precinct, 257 Alexander Ave.

2. Tomorrow, Fast Food workers around the country will be striking for better wages.  Workers are demanding $15/hour and the right to unionize.  Currently, fast food workers in NYC earn minimum wage- $7.25/ hour, hardly a living wage.  In July, in the wake of much organizing against them, McDonald’s teamed up with Visa to launch a money planning program for its employees.  Gawker reports:

McDonalds’ own sample budget confirms that, without a second job on top of full-time work at McDonalds, it’s not possible to make a personal budget work,” writes Jim Cook. And even with a second job earning $955 a month, McDonald’s still had to fudge the rest of the figures to make their budget work. For instance, the $600 a month for rent is pure fantasy.

As tenant organizers, we recognize the absurdity of rising rents combined with the prevalence of low wage jobs- how are New Yorkers supposed to get by?  Join Fast Food workers tomorrow in Union Square at 2:30 to support the movement!


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