Friday News Round Up

Friday News Round-Up, for stories about affordable housing and New York City you may have missed this week. This week, we’re trying it in a different format. (I.e., in prose rather than in a list.) Let us know what you think.

In the United States, homeowner ideology is so pervasive we get into serious trouble — for example, we get into a five+ year foreclosure crisis. Other kinds of living are possible. End renter discrimination! If you missed our post on the topic yesterday from us, read about it from the Atlantic Cities.

A week or two ago, this great time-lapse map of every strike in the world since 1979 shows that we are living in a time of action. So, this week in strikes: NYCHA tenants in East Harlem planned on go on a rent strike for improved conditions.  Workers went on strike for living wages in 15 cities across the United States on Thursday. We support both their fights for safe housing and to earn enough to live.

Finally, this is our last news round up before the primary on September 10th. VOTE. Bill de Blasio continues to top the polls. Read “Bill De Blasio and the Rebirth of Economic Liberalism” at The Nation. Ede Fox put out her housing plan this week, and it’s all about organizing. Vito Lopez has  been kicked out of Albany, and he’s trying to move to City Hall. Don’t let that happen — vote for Antonio Reyonoso! Christine Quinn promised to pay all workers on city projects a living wage. Campaigns across the city have focused on inequality, and what that means for New Yorkers.

Stay with us, we’ll be back next week!


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