That’s a Wrap – The Report from the Primaries

After months and months of campaigning, primary season is finally over. While the federal government shut down on Tuesday, NYC held the run off election for Public Advocate. Letita “Tish” James won, and with a lack of a Republican challenger, she became the first black woman to be elected to city-wide office. So, the dust has finally settled. Its time to take a quick peek into how the best tenant rights advocates did!

Our friends over at TenantsPAC endorsed candidates up and down the ticket with a great success. TenantsPAC endorsees receive three key things from TenantsPAC: a public endorsement, tenant-based fundraising, and plenty of on-the-ground Get Out The Vote effort. An overwhelming majority of TenantsPAC endorsees won their primary races.

Here is a  list of endorsees that move ahead to the general election on November 5th, where the chances of victory are extremely high.

City-Wide Offices

  • Mayor: Bill De Blasio
  • Public Advocate: Tish James

Manhattan Offices

  • Manhattan Borough President: Gale Brewer
  • City Council: Mark Levine
  • City Council: Helen Rosenthal
  • City Council: Benjamin Kallos
  • City Council: Corey Johnson

Queens Offices

  • City Council: Daneek Williams

Brooklyn Offices

  • City Council: Antonio Reynoso
  • City Council: Carlos Menchaca

There is little doubt that all of these candidates will take office in January and be incredible advocates for tenants. This election has been a fruitful one for progressives hoping for an about-face from the past three terms of New Liberalism under Mayor Bloomberg. Some TenantsPAC candidates, like Letitia James, Gale Brewer, and Bill de Blasio, have been crucial allies in the fight to protect affordable housing for many years. More allies means more success, which for us means more affordable housing units in New York. We’re looking forward to working with them in the coming years.


3 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap – The Report from the Primaries

  1. How will they create enough affordable housing to cover half of New York City who isn’t already in a rent program?

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