Friday News Round Up


We had a fantastic week at UHAB, culminating with an exciting meeting we’ll tell you more about next week! (The above picture.) In the meantime, here’s a news round up. Have a great weekend!

  1. From Rooflines: What the Shutdown Reveals about US Housing Policy. This is a great little piece that reminds us of just how much the United States treats renters like second class citizens. While getting a mortgage during the shutdown may be a little more annoying and bureaucratic, there is no guaranteed funding for rental assistance programs after October. Details vary city by city, town by town.
  2. Bill de Blasio is clarifying his position of several housing issues this week. In an extended interview with the Daily News he talks about his problems with NYCHA and his plans to “clean house.” He also pledges no rental increase next year. The mayor has significant control over the Rent Guidelines Board. If elected, de Blaiso would be in a fantastic position to strengthen tenant power on the RGB and in NYCHA.
  3. Willets Point gets the green light from the New York City Council. It’s a tale as old as time: good bye neighborhood, hello mega-mall.
  4. Some news from East New York: The neighborhood has an extreme concentration of supportive housing and homeless shelters. It’s hard to imagine it’s in the same borough, much less on the same train line as Williamsburg. Read about that in a long piece over at BKLYNR. But when Banksy showed up in the impoverished Brooklyn neighborhood, the hipsters came in hoardes. And some neighborhood residents started to charge them. At Gawkr:  “These men, heroes that they are, have elevated the original work, turning it into a performance piece about the commodification and hipster-fication of people’s homes. If you’re going to treat a neighborhood like an art museum, why shouldn’t the residents of that neighborhood charge admission like an art museum, particularly when many New Yorkers would never come to that patch of the city but to take a picture of a stencil painting of a beaver?”
  5. Just how many horcruxes need to be destroyed before Larry Summers is forever vanquished from public life?” I just wish I wrote that sentence! Great little article that pushes back against the “Ready For Hillary” mood, which I was reminded of this week thanks to Obama’s nomination of Janet Yellen to head up the federal reserve.

More polemics against landlords and gentrification next week. Stay with us!


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