Friday News Round Up

  1. “The plight of artsy types in cities gets a lot of attention these days, perhaps because it is personally relevant to lots of people in the media. And yes, working artists are vital to any city, especially a place such as New York that bills itself as a cultural capital. But forget, for the moment, about the artists. The deeper and more systematic erosion of urban life is happening among a less glamorous set of people – the ones who fill the tens of thousands of jobs that undergird every single U.S. city. These are the home health aides, the fast-food workers, the janitors, the teachers’ aides, the delivery people, the manicurists, and countless others who are making more than minimum wage but less than enough to meet the soaring cost of living – not just in New York, but in cities around the country. These people, increasingly, are falling off the shaky ladder of economic viability, and many are being pushed into homelessness.Read more at The Atlantic Cities.
  2. It’s Housing and Urban Development week on Brian Lehrer’s “30 Issues in 30 Days” leading up to the election day. Topics include low income housing, New Jersey property taxes, density and sustainable development, and middle income housing. We just listened to the last topic now, leveraging private money for public good. Richard from Staten Island, if you’re reading this, we’re with you. 
  3. 5 Pointz artists are fighting back, using that Visual Rights Act. Read about it.



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