Over the past several months, UHAB Organizers have been working closely with tenants in Crown Heights to form the Crown Heights Tenant Union. CHTU formed in response to rampant gentrification and its negative impacts on neighborhood residents: illegal harassment, and rent overcharges, and displacement.
On Friday, February 28th, the CHTU will announce their plan to take back their neighborhood from the landlords and brokers who are systematically pushing out tenants.
Kerri White: 520-507-5863
Joel Feingold: 608-201-9345
WHO: Members of the Crown Heights Tenant Union and allies from the Crown Heights Assembly, Pratt Area Community Council, Urban Homesteading Assistance Board.
WHAT: Rally and press conference calling for an end to illegal practices that displace tenants in Crown Heights.
WHEN: Friday, February 28. 10:30 AM
WHERE: 1059 Union Street, Brooklyn, New York
WHY: Residents of Crown Heights are experiencing displacement and illegal rent overcharges as a result of extreme gentrification in their neighborhood. In response, tenants from eighteen buildings have formed the Crown Heights Tenant Union (CHTU) to demand both stricter enforcement of existing tenants’ rights in addition to new, stronger protections that eliminate loopholes in the law that favor landlords. CHTU demands include a rent freeze, restrictions on buy-outs, and a requirement that brokers, when showing units to prospective tenants, disclose rental histories on regulated units. “Our message to our landlords is clear,” said long-time resident Donna Mossman. ” This is our home, we still live here, and we aren’t going anywhere.”
“Moving people involuntarily from their homes or neighborhoods is wrong. Regardless of whether if results from government or private market action, forced displacement is characteristically a case of people without the economic and political power to resist being pushed out by people with greater resources and power, people who think they have a ‘better’ use for a certain building, piece of land, or neighborhood. The pushers benefit. The pushees do not.”  [Legal Services Anti-Displacement Project, 1982
Join us as we push back!

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