Molly Hernandez - Long term Crown Heights tenant , Activist.
Molly Hernandez – Long term Crown Heights tenant of 50 years , Activist.

On Monday October 27th we gathered outside of Brooklyn Housing Court with Tenants, Elected officials, Crown Heights Tenant Union,PACC and Legal Services to call out BCB Property Management on there attempt to frivolously evict Molly. “BCB claims they ‘didn’t know’ Molly received Section 8. This is absurd, based on Molly’s many attempts to let them know. Below, Monifa Bishop, a fellow BCB tenant, stands together with Molly Hernandez and details her own problems attempting to communicate with BCB. Her testimony reveals that BCB clearly displays a pattern of not listening to tenant issues!

“I express my support today for Ms. Molly Hernandez. I also have experienced many issues with BCB Property Management and their various representatives.

Some of my interactions with BCB Property Management are as follows:

*Appointments scheduled that were not kept by BCB (even to the point that at a later date  I saw Ms. Michelle Leonardo and asked why no one showed for the appt, I asked her why I was not given the courtesy of a phone call.  Her response was “It is your responsibility to confirm an appointment”.  I reminded Ms. Leonardo that she has an assistant who surely could have contacted me to reschedule:

*An unwillingness to make repairs that are not required by HPD;

*Ms. Leonardo has stated to me “have it on good word that you attended the TA meeting at Union Street”, when in fact I had at that time never been to that building;

*blaming us for apartment issues that were clearly not of our making;

*It took Three (3) attempts on our part before the correct lease renewal was mailed to us;

*There have been several offers for a buy-out of our apartment, even though they were told “no” at the time of the first offer;

*Kendra Fidelis (Director of Property Management. previously emailed me stating, “so that there is no miscommunication” we should correspond via email, also asking that in my email state what are our issues of concern. As a result of the many appointments that BCB has not kept, I replied asking for a confirmation for today’s appointment.  I received no confirmation.  In a twist of fate, Zanum, showed today to paint a bedroom (only one of the several issues brought to the attention of Michelle Leonardo and Kendra Fidelis).  Because I received no confirmation, I made other plans.  Zanum then came back to the apartment saying that management would like me to send an email stating that I did not allow him entry into the apartment.  Seemingly, email communication is only needed when it works to the advantage of BCB. Many of BCB’s practices/tactics are subtle, some not so much.


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