Leaks Turn to Ice at 2401 Davidson Street in the Bronx

Last year, tenants who live in the Three Borough Pool cautiously celebrated a victory. With help from the Attorney General, organized tenants forced owner Westbrook Partners to fire Colonial Management and bring in a new property manager. The new property manager – Langsam Property Management – was charged with making repairs in the run-down buildings and giving every tenant a one-time $600 rent rebate to make up for the significant harassment tenants suffered under Colonial’s tenure.

The tenants’ woes haven’t ended, though. Many tenants still haven’t received their $600 check and Langsam Property Management isn’t treating the buildings well at all. As tenant leader Debra Cooper told the Guardian recently, “There was ice outside the building and drug addicts in the stairwells, she said. “They [the owners] are not doing anything. They’re just glossing over. When it rains in my kitchen, my sink backs up like a geyser – Old Faithful. There is no reason that I should have rain water from the roof in my kitchen sink. That’s nasty, that’s disgusting. I have to disinfect everything,” she said.

Today, one of the coldest days this winter, tenants in the Three Borough Pool fare no better. Check out this video from Liza Ash. A leaky pipe in her bathroom has caused her bathtub to flood. Her apartment is so cold that the bathtub is now filled with ice. After pouring anti-freeze on the ice-leak, the ice still does not go away.

Angry tenants are putting pressure on Westbrook Partners across the Atlantic: the company has recently come under fire from actor Russell Brand, who is decrying the groups efforts to privatize public housing in the London suburbs. After a long battle, London tenants forced Westbrook to sell their buildings. Last month, Brand reportedly visited Mayor de Blasio and called on him to speak out against Westbrook’s neglectful, speculative businesses practices. Tenants can’t stand another cold winter at 2401 Davidson. If Westbrook isn’t going to fix these buildings they should sell them to someone who will.


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