5 Easy Improvements To Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

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This is not a time for major updates, so stay with simple tasks to celebrate a holiday.

Hosting a holiday meeting can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a little scary. You want your house to look its best, but now is not the time to make any major upgrades.

Probably, you are quite busy, get ready for the event. So focus only on the areas of your house where your guests will spend time.

Whether you’re a first-time host with a few stresses or an old professional looking for new ideas, these tips will help you make sure your home is ready for any meeting.

Light the way

The sun is setting early this year, so it’s important to make sure the entrance to your home is clean and well lit..

If you have a large front yard, focus on the entrance and the path leading to it. Install porch lights or replace the light bulbs if necessary. Cut off any shrubbery that obstructs the footpath.

On the day of your party, open the roller blinds on the front windows so your guests can see into your warm, festive-looking home as they approach. It’s a great way to create a sense of welcome.

Advantage type: The easiest way to create instant lighting for walkways and paths is with the sunlight you simply put into the ground. The sun does the rest of the work!

Take care of the bottom line

Our mothers used to say that, and really: If your floors are spotless, they make your whole house look cleaner.

Even if you can’t do a deep house cleaning before your meeting, make sure your floors have been cleaned before those first guests exceed the threshold.

Advantageous advice: If you have carpets, clean the carpets at least three days before your affair so that they have time to dry completely.

Brighten up your bathroom

If you’re bothered by a dirty look in your bathroom, try this easy, inexpensive, and non-toxic method to get rid of it almost immediately: Just spray some full-strength hydrogen peroxide, let it rest for 10 minutes, and then wipe clean. Here it is!

Then add some flowers, holiday decorations or pictures on the wall for longer enhance your powder room, and it will be ready for your guests.

Advantage type: Remove the buildup from a slowly moving sink with a Zip-It. This cheap tool looks like a giant zip tie. You just work it into the gutter to pull hairpins – all the other gunk stuff will come up with it.

Customize kitchen appliances

Your kitchen appliances will be the workhorses of your holiday party, whether you’re arranging a big family dinner or a cocktail party. You want them to be fully functional and ready for action.

Make sure all oven burners are working. Now is the time to clean the oven if you haven’t done so in a long time.

Clean the refrigerator, and make sure the refrigerator and freezer are working at their best temperatures.

Make sure your dishwasher works. You can clean it easily with a dishwasher that you go through a cycle.

Advantageous advice: Sharp knives will facilitate the preparation of the big meal. Make sure all of your kitchen knives are newly sharpened, and also check the batteries in your electric chisel cutter if you have any.

Make your space for kids

If you welcome your home for children, you will make sure that their parents will have fun too.

If you happen to have kids with the same ages as your young guests, you’re in luck. But if not, think about adding some considerable touches that will make parents more comfortable and alleviate child boredom.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Change a free room or upstairs bedroom into a private nursing / changing area for a new mom.
  • Infants and younger children will want to be close to their parents, so a good idea for them is to set up a corner of your living room or dining room with toys, books, a tablet to watch cartoons and some comfortable pillows or launchers.
  • One of our favorite strategies for older kids is to transform the desert course into an activity. For example, you could bake a huge set of sugar cookies in holiday shapes, and then lay out different colors of glaze to let kids (and adults) go to town decorating their own cookies.

Advantage type: If you don’t have kids, or if yours are older, don’t forget to protect your space for kids. Put away anything expensive, brittle or unstable. Do a little baby resistant, if necessary. That way you and your parents can relax and not worry about safety hazards.

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Originally published November 2016.

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