5 Tips To Empty Your Closet A Day

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Tighten up your wardrobe and help others at the same time.

I just collapsed a closet. I returned home from a day at the office to find piles of what were neatly hung, color-coordinated clothes on one giant messy hill on the floor. Worse than picking up the pieces of carved drywall? Acknowledging that it may be time to remove my favorite shirt – from the university. In the 90s.

So I sought the help of a styling expert Darcy Camden to find out what she says to her clients. Camden has been cleaning closets and styling men and women for more than a decade (read: she spends a TON of time in foreign homes). The busy seamstress (she is also a mother) insists that there are easy ways to empty that tangle of shirts or a pile of old papers. And you can do it in just one hour.

A little goes a long way

Clean up little by little, says Camden, who has helped more than 900 clients in her career.

“Most of my clients think cleaning a closet is a huge all-day endeavor, but it often makes more sense to do it a little at a time,” she says. “I encourage everyone to keep a Good Will gift bag in their closet or bedroom, and add to it here and there as you discover items that aren’t appropriate or worn out.”

If it doesn’t fit, you can’t wear it

“It rarely makes sense to keep something that isn’t physically right for you – even if you love it,” Camden says. Put it in a pile to donate, and imagine how much joy the next person will receive from that item.

New season = new opportunities

When the weather gets warmer or colder, it’s a great opportunity to reflect on what you’ve worn – and what you don’t have. “If you didn’t wear it last winter, you probably won’t wear it next winter, ”Camden says.

Use the “plus one, minus one” method

Bean new pants? Great! But put them in the closet only after removing a pair that collects dust.

“I tell my customers to subtract one old item for each new purchase item,” Camden recommends. “If you’re going to spend an afternoon shopping and come home with five new things, spend some time reviewing your closet. Get rid of five older things that you no longer carry. “

Fine donacu!

Think about how much you can save outside the landfill by giving your donations to a good cause.

“I’m constantly amazed that my clients are worried that their wrecks aren’t enough for Goodwill,” says Camden. “Do they really want this stained old shirt?” Or this one sock? Yes! ”

“In collaboration with Seattle Goodwill over the years has given me a lot of information about what happens with gifts, “she continues.” Your smelly socks and stained clothes give jobs and can be recycled or reused. Never throw clothes in a landfill. “

Last year Seattle Goodwill kept more than £ 53 million worth of useful goods from landfills. In addition to helping the planet, those donations also help fund job training and education programs, adds Katherine Boury of Seattle Goodwill.

Happy cleaning!


Originally published in April 2017

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