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Twenty-three years after “Sex and the City” debuted, this central town hall is still the home of Carrie Bradshaw. And, we imagine, still overflowing from Manolo Blahniks and a bottomless cosmos. And now the band “Sex and City” reunites for a 10-episode revival on HBO Max! (Minus Samantha Jones, sniffs.) We (ejem) couldn’t help but wonder: How is Carrie Bradshaw’s dreamy New York home, 64 Perry Street? After all, no other address better represents what it means to be fashionable and fabulous in New York City.

64 perry street - carrie bradshaw apartment
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The Iconic Residence at 64 Perry Street

Among all the legendary addresses in New York, 64 Perry Street is a mecca for true fans of “Sex and the City”. The facade of this sandstone was used for the exterior of Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment for the first three seasons of the show. This is where the character set off the pure eye candy of his New York life! (She only paid $ 700 a month for the rent-stabilized apartment. That might explain how a freelance writer could pay for so many trips to Barneys New York City.)

What some may not know is that, while Bradshaw famously lived on the Upper East Side (on East 73rd Street), the address is actually in the West Village. The real-life town hall was last sold in 2013 for a whopping $ 13,250,000. It didn’t need a TV to make it a market winner, because this home is truly unique. Built in 1899, the 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom sandstone boasts a lush garden, with a nearly 300-year-old chestnut tree. And it apparently has as much grip on its owners as it does on fans. Records show that only three families owned the building before the sale in 2013, until the construction in the 19th century.

Could Carrie Really Allow It?

Speaking of real life, let’s talk numbers. To swing the rent on the Upper East Side apartment she has on the show, Carrie would definitely have to sell a few more books. (And buy much less Manolos.) StreetEasy data panel tells us that as of November 2020, the average rental request for a 1-bedroom Upper East Side is $ 2,430 per month. What if Carrie really bought the place, like in the episode “Ring Ding Ding”? Well, she might need to recruit a deeply pocketed Mr. Big as a co-owner. The median price request to purchase a home from the Upper East Side is $ 1,595,000.

Things get even more expensive in the true West Village neighborhood of 64 Perry Street. For a similar pad there, the average asking rent of the nabe is $ 3,100 a month. And to buy, the median price of the western village for 1 bedroom is $ 1,649,500.

Fun fact: Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristen Davis are reportedly earning a $ 1 million episode for the reboot. So they would have no trouble having fun in real life!

History of 64 Perry Street

Carrie Bradshaw is not the only famous person associated with this address. Fashion icon Tim Gunn, who starred in the hit series “Project Runway,” actually lived on the top floor of the building for 16 years. Additionally, Woody Allen – who knows a few things about using NYC locations in his work – filmed scenes for the movie “Alice” here in 1990.

With all that history and character, 64 Perry is famous as a building in a city that is not lacking in stellar buildings. Here’s a tour of the building as it actually looks.

After three seasons of filming the exterior of 64 Perry, producers of “Sex and the City” moved closer to the facade of 66 Perry Street.

64 perry street 66 perry street
66 Perry Street.

Fans of “Sex and the City” continue to flock to Perry Street

Huge numbers of tourists visit here every month to relive moments of the show. A Google search for “Carrie Bradshaw’s stoop” produces thousands and thousands of images of fans of “Sex and the City” sitting on the stairs of 64 Perry Street and 66 Perry Street. (What could be more Instagrammable?)

The flooding of pilgrims to a residential street, however, can cause problems. To increase the privacy of the street, a group of neighboring residents asked tour companies to no longer stop their large tour buses at home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t visit memorable places of the show yet. One Sex and the City tour currently on offer includes stops at places like the bar owned by Steve and Aidan. And, yes, even that infamous bow. If you squint, you can almost see Carrie there.

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