Bike Storage NYC: Where To Find Space For Your Wheels

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bicycle storage nyc

Bicycle storage is the hottest building. (The Brooklyn Roosevelt)

Alex Abarbanel-Grossman, PR director, knows firsthand how important bicycle storage in New York City can be. He currently keeps two in his Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, housing, and had to be created because his landlord does not allow tenants to pierce walls. His solution was to drop about $ 100 on an independent gravitational bicycle ring built for two. No screws or anchors are needed. The one he bought occupies a depth of only about one foot. However he says, “the big thing here is that you need a bike length of wall.”

Welcome to the challenge of keeping a bike in a New York City apartment. Once upon a time, public transport was the way to get around the city. In this pandemic atmosphere, however, bicycles have become the new necessities. But bike storage in New York is not easy when you don’t have the extra square image.

It is the Hottest Building

bicycle storage NYC in a luxury building

A building in Hell’s Kitchen takes bicycle storage to the next level. (From a list at 505 W. 43a Skt. # 11A)

It is worth noting that many buildings have reserved rooms to accommodate two-wheelers. Such is the case at The Brooklyn Roosevelt, Beaux-Arts a former bank building located on the border of Bed-Stuy and Bushwick. It has one of the most glorious bicycle warehouses in the city. Housed in the bank’s former treasury, it now contains many types of bicycles, from tandems to loads, says Joe Peretore, an associate broker at Level Group, which is the building’s exclusive broker. It is also completely full. “We had to open an additional bike parking lot, which is also almost full now,” he says. “And it’s twice the size of the vault.”

Clearly, bike storage in New York City is an attractive convenience for apartment seekers, he says Domingo Perez Jr., an authorized real estate seller at Warburg Realty. “When I show people a bike in the bike room of a building, I watch as their eyes widen,” he says. “This has become a major pleasure for many people.”

Perez himself is a bike enthusiast and is thankful that he has a bike room in his Greenwich Village building, especially since he doesn’t use Citi Bike as much as before sheltering local rules became the norm. “At the beginning of the pandemic, the last thing I wanted to do was get on a bike that thousands of other people had touched,” he says. “I’m very happy to have such a clean bike room in my building.”

Other buildings are rearranging existing warehouses to meet demand.

“Our building is a promenade, so bike storage is worth it, especially for residents on the higher floors,” says James McGrath, co-founder of Yoreevo, a real estate broker in New York City. He sits on the board of his West Village cooperative. “We discovered a room in the basement intended for general storage a long time ago, but it was never used. It wasn’t huge, so it could only fit in with a few bikes, but it was better than nothing. “

bicycle storage in a parking garage

Many private and public garages offer bicycle storage. (From a list at 500 Waverly Ave. # 3G)

Bicycle Storage in New York: More Parking

If your building doesn’t have a bike room, there are other options – and good ones. For example, by NYC Sheltered Bicycle Parking Regulations, parking lots that accommodate 100 or more vehicles must also offer bicycle parking. (FYI: No garage can refuse a bike unless there is no place to store it.) Garage rates range from $ 60 to $ 100 a month, and cyclists should expect to find devices like racks and hooks to secure bikes.

Stock companies also offer bike storage, but it’s a bit expensive. Rates can range from $ 190 to $ 699 per month, depending on location and room size.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has set up CityRacks, BikeCorrals, and Bike Parking Shelters across the five townships. TThese sidewalks are best suited for pit stops and not for overnight parking.

In the end, installing a bike grille in your home might be the best way to be sure, knowing that your bike is safe. And that’s essential, as bicycle theft grew 64 percent in July compared to 2019, according to NYPD.

If you are allowed to pierce your walls, one popular option is to hang your bike from the ceiling or from a wall.

“This is a very spatial strategy if you have a room with some depth, because the bikes will come out of the wall at least two to three feet,” says Abarbanel-Grossman.

You could even try hanging your bike over your couch as artwork. There may not be a better way to show the love you have for your two-wheeler.

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