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VIDEO: 1314 Seneca Avenue – Tenants Speak Up!



Tenants from 601 West 149 Street in Harlem are speaking out against Joseph Tahl and Manhattan North Management. Watch their story and pass it around!

MEDIAPOCALYPSE features Surreal Estate Organizer Elyssa White

MEDIAPOCALYPSE’s  most recent video stars The Surreal Estate’s own Elyssa White! MEDIAPOCALYPSE is an emerging new media project to celebrate and inspire community work and grassroots activism. In this video, Elyssa highlights the importance of tenant organizing in the ongoing struggle for fair and affordable housing.

Here, Elyssa reaches out to tenants who live in what has come to be known as the “Milbank Portfolio,” a group of 10 buildings in the Bronx that were bought out of foreclosure by Steve Finkelstein earlier this year. Tenant Ruben Vidal discusses the conditions issues associated with predatory equity and his & his neighbors’ continuing struggle with speculative landlords.

Special thanks to Nina Reyes Rosenberg of MEDIAPOCALYPSE for her support!

Breaking News: Episode 2

After a long week,  it’s time for another laugh. Enjoy Epsiode 2: The SurReal Estate News!

And… In case you missed Episode 1, you can catch it here!

Episode 1: “Breaking News”

This work is hard and sometimes we just need a good laugh.

Enjoy our first episode of “Breaking News” featuring UHABers Dan, Kerri, and Adam.

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