Here’s What to Know About Hudson Heights in Upper Manhattan

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Hudson hills are suitable with waterfront views

Hudson Heights is known for its spectacular water views. (From a list at 160 Cabrini Blvd # 121)

Located in upper Manhattan is a quiet slice of the city with abundant parks, charming architecture and high river views. Welcome to Hudson Heights, a quadrant of the bustling and diverse Washington Heights neighborhood. It could be one of New York’s best kept secrets.

The area is surrounded by Fort Tryon Park to the north, J. Hood Wright Park to the south, and vibrant Broadway to the east. Residents know that this moderate place is a great place to live, thanks to its accessibility, affordability, green spaces and food. (Pssst, it’s also home to a beloved New York playwright. More on that soon.)

With average asking prices in Washington Heights at $ 615,000 and average asking rent of $ 2,250, the area is exponentially more affordable than many other Manhattan neighborhoods.

Why is Hudson Heights Great Accommodation?

Hudson high green space

When it comes to green spaces, Hudson Heights is not disappointing. (From a list at 160 Cabrini Blvd # 121)

In addition to its reasonable prices, Hudson Heights also has many other attractive features, including its residents. “It’s a sense of community,” explains Kemdi Anosike of Warburg Realty, who lives in the neighborhood. If you leave your apartment, he says, you’ll probably see familiar faces. And of course, there are the old ones. “There are people who have been here for decades, and they can go on for ages about what the neighborhood has to offer. And they always pay attention to you.”

He sees the area as particularly appealing to people who still want access to the culture the city has to offer, but are looking for a space and neighborhood that feels more like a community than just a group of tall towers. The area itself is full of pre-war charm, buildings covered with exquisite 1925-style detailing, and European Tudor Revival architecture.

One of the most picturesque corners of the neighborhood is Hudson View Gardens, a beautiful 1924 Tudor-style cooperative complex that feels like a European street. Kemdi describes the area: “It takes you away from the madness of New York City. That’s one of my favorite parts of the neighborhood.” Another impressive complex is Castle Town, a well-kept, five-building mini-community where Lin-Manuel Vantage point lives. In general, apartment seekers will find many good rental options in addition to cooperatives for sale.

The neighborhood is also known for its abundance of green space, especially Fort Tryon Park to the north, a beautiful 67-acre tract of land with dramatic rocky outcrops and incredible views of the Hudson River. The park also contains the picturesque Heather Garden, the Cabrini Woods Nature Sanctuary – a haven for bird watchers – and of course The Met Cloisters, a serene medieval art museum.

Outdoor stairs are another distinctive neighborhood feature. These connect streets of vastly different heights – perfect for exercise and beautiful view. You can find one of the most impressive staircases at 187th Street (between Overlook Terrace and Fort Washington Ave), a giant vertical walkway with 130 steps.

Where Did Hudson Heights Get Its Name?

Tudor living in Hudson highlands

Tudor-style buildings add to the visual charm of Hudson Heights. (From a list at 116 Pinehurst Avenue # E43)

This enclave of the greater Washington area certainly fulfills its name Bennett Park standing at 265 feet above sea level, Manhattan’s highest natural point. And any walk near the water that has beautiful river views shows the high view of the neighborhood.

But the area actually earned its name as a remarkable effort in 1993, when the Hudson Heights Owners Coalition essentially renamed the neighborhood.

How long does it take to reach Hudson Heights?

The A-train, which travels fast, makes downtown extremely fast and accessible from Hudson Heights, with trips about 30 minutes to the heart of downtown and 45 minutes to downtown, locals explain. And just a few blocks away, the 1 train also facilitates access throughout the city.

Before you jump on the subway, be sure to dip into the beautiful overland entrances: the 181st street Railway station has a stone entrance that looks like a castle. The 190th Street Railway Station appears to be embedded in a bedrock (but it is not).

The Best Restaurants in Hudson Heights

In addition to the affordability, excellent parks and easy train access, Hudson Heights is also a growing food destination. “The restaurant scene is still coming soon, but great,” Kemdi Anosike points out, explaining that he also loves the proximity to incredible Spanish restaurants just south in the greater Washington Heights area.

Tampopo Ramen is one of the best ramens I’ve had in town, “says Maris Schwarz, 27, who shares some of her favorite neighbors.”The Suburban Garrison is a great cafe [which] becomes a restaurant and bar at night. “She also shows up Cafe Shell – dog-friendly cafe and pet store – and Le Cheile, a “wonderful neighborhood bar,” like some of her places to visit.

“181st Street is just a really nice strip in general,” says Schwarz, describing the area as “Brooklyn meets a small town,” with lots of great food and drinks.

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