How One Agent Used Song Parodies For Business – And Went A Virus Doing It

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Real estate professionals can be ingenious when it comes to personal marketing. Some brave souls even make their own music videos as a way to get their name out, while they entertain the internet. One agent joined local songwriters to write an original song for a video about her city, and mediation used popular success draw attention to a specific list. Since October 2018, Chicago-based eXp Realty agent Sean Cochran has been utilizing his own songwriting and presentation skills to make parody videos that feature his lyrics, to the tune of country hits. His most popular video – which he uploaded in July – parodies Garth Brooks’ “Friends in the Lowlands” and has already passed one million views on his Facebook page.

We asked Cochran to tell us his secrets to achieving viral fame, and how other real estate professionals can create their own successful videos:

CULTURAL SCAN (CS): Tell us how you started creating videos about parody songs about real estate.

SEAN COCHRAN (SC): I’ve been writing poems and rap songs since I was 12 and also made a couple of rap videos. I never thought of being a professional rapper or songwriter, I just knew I liked to write lyrics. My friends and I walked to school and took turns boxing and rapping. Eventually we got better and so we learned freestyle, which was discussed in writing. [In my real estate business], I knew I wanted to make a video, but I specifically didn’t want to do a rap song – everyone does rap.

CS: Is that why you chose to engage in country music?

SC: Yes, I wanted to be different. Before I went to Houston last spring to visit my mother, I said to myself, “I can’t go to Texas without a cowboy hat!” So I went to a western clothing store in Aurora, Il., And bought a cowboy hat. When I got off the plane in Houston, an airport employee asked me, “Aren’t you from here, sir?” I said, “No, why do you ask?” She replied, “Because there’s one rule: you can wear cowboy boots without a hat, but you can’t wear a cowboy hat without the boots.” She gave me the name of a shop [and] I went straight from the airport and bought boots. When I got back to Chicago, I already had a van. And when I got the hat and boots, I thought, “Well, damn it! I’m halfway there!” I used karaoke tracks to create mine Garth Brooks and Josh Turner parody videos.

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