How to Find a Real Estate Agent in New York City

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It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: You’re ready to buy, rent, or sell an apartment, or need or want a real estate agent. Ultimately good can guide you through the process from start to finish – not to mention helping you achieve your home goals. So it’s important to find someone you like and trust. But if you are not sure how to find a real estate agent ideal for your particular needs, the following tips will get you on the right track.

Get a Reference

Recommendations may be the best way to find an agent you like. If you trust your friends, family, or co-workers with references to restaurants, movies, and vacation spots, you may also trust them about real estate professionals. Get the names of their agents and call them. Maybe even meet for coffee. Treat it as an interview process where you can ask questions that will help manage your expectations.

Knowing that this agent has already worked with someone you trust should be an advantage, but take the time to get to know them and understand if their expertise meets your needs. How well do they know the neighborhood that interests you? Do they work mostly with buyers, sellers or tenants? In what price ranges do they work? That’s all you want to know.

Advantageous advice: If you sell a cooperative, you may want to get the advice of the cooperative board on which to cooperate to ensure it is a smooth transaction.

Analyze Online Lists

If you’re still wondering how to find a real estate agent, looking through listings can help you find the ideal broker to work with. You can start by looking lists at StreetEasy and do a survey of who works in individual buildings or neighborhoods. You can then contact those agents with the confidence to know that they have experience in an area or building in which you are interested.

In addition to just knowing the basics of an agent’s background, listings can also give deeper insights, especially for salespeople. As you look through lists, you can see how various agents market themselves and get an idea of ​​the types of home neighborhoods they represent.

“Focus on their style, approach and strategy,” said Vickey Barron, chief broker at Compass. “Most importantly, you need someone who understands the market and knows how to tell your story. They need the right aesthetics for photography, creativity to highlight the listing description, how to articulate, negotiate and lure a buyer to the home in exchange for that person finding another home. “

Last but not least, buyers and sellers will find the StreetEasy Experts Program incredibly helpful. It helps home hunters and home sellers connect with agents with expertise in specific buildings.

How to Find a Real Estate Agent at Open Houses

Checking real estate in the neighborhood where you’re looking to buy, rent, or sell is a great way to meet agents who know the area. While COVID restrictions have stopped many open houses, many agents are still setting up viewing days with appointments. As long as you feel healthy and wear a proper EPP, it’s okay to continue. As mentioned earlier, think of the meeting as an informal interview. Take the time to talk about other properties they work with, and what knowledge they have about the neighborhood.

Backgrounds of Research Agent

Someone looking to rent an apartment is very different from someone looking for a cooperative. And a seller is in a completely different category. So you want to be sure that you are working with a real estate agent with a broad background in your exact search. Explore and look at the summaries of different brokers. Did the agent make sales and rentals? Or did they mostly sell and just pick rents?

“You want your broker to be an expert on exactly what you’re looking for. So if those are rentals, they should have a lot of rental transactions under their belts, “Barron said.” You should be able to look at past deals on their respective web pages. Just because they’ve made a few rental offers in the neighborhood you’re focusing on doesn’t mean they’re appropriate. “

The above is especially true if you are buying or selling a cooperative. “There are a lot of great agents who specialize in ownership apartments, but may not know how to put them pack together for a cooperative“If they don’t know how to pack, then you all have a big problem. It’s a particular skill that requires years of experience.”

An agent who has previously worked with the collaborative building you are interested in purchasing will have a critical understanding of what the board is looking for and ways to distinguish you as a candidate. That means, if you’re interested in a specific building, find out which agents have already closed deals there.

Remarkable Things Before You Start Working With An Agent

Make sure you discuss anyone fees with your broker before working together. Advantage type: A buyer’s agent will not cost you money as they collect their fees at the commission shared with the seller’s broker. An agent may ask you to sign a document – a broker agreement of a buyer – but of course you have no obligation to sign anything.

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