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Preparing to Sell Your Home

Refreshing your kitchen before selling could be a smart move. (From a list at 62 Hicks St. number 1)

The best advice for selling real estate in New York is to adopt the motto, be prepared. Doing so can save you a throbbing headache – not to mention cash – throughout the process. To start your home sales journey, here you will find a checklist full of tips from real estate professionals organized by priority. If you are ready to sell your home, these tips are 100% printable and referenced as a handy to-do list, step by step.

1. Work With Good Real Estate Professionals

When you are ready to sell your home, the first business order advertises the benefits. Every hairy process becomes infinitely more manageable when you have experience on your side to help. “I always think it’s best to talk to an agent at a time when you’re seriously selling,” says Robert Khederian, a compass real estate agent and the influencer behind the jaw-dropping, architectural Instagram account. @notenoughhangers. “An agent can provide a valuable context for the current market so you can decide if you want to sell now or later. They can also tell you exactly where to focus if you’re thinking about small upgrades before listing. I’m talking to potential sellers the the whole time they’re a few months off the list. Your agent should be a consultant. ”

Jennifer (Kaufman) Stillman, a former real estate and real estate attorney, has become a real estate broker with Douglas Elliman Real Estate, agrees. “The sooner you talk to a broker, the better!” You don’t have to list right away. The thing is to have time to reflect and complete the updates or enhancements offered by your broker before listing. For example, painting a room or emptying. “

Need help finding an agent? Our handy guide can help. And here’s an advantageous tip: The chosen agent may suggest additional real estate, as excellent real estate lawyer, when and if the time comes.

2. Consider Upgrades That Add Value to New Homes

Are you thinking about refreshing areas in your home to further attract them to potential buyers? It’s a smart thought when you’re ready to sell your home according to agents. Remember that you will want to complete all the projects before taking list photos. “While the market is generally quiet, key in key is still moving,” Khederian says. “Buyers don’t want to renovate and risk a delay if there is another blockage in the future. If you’re looking to upgrade, stay in the kitchen and bathroom. Maybe it’s not revolutionary advice, but it can help sell your home.” inside, Stillman has noticed another update that excites buyers. “Bonus space is required.” Think small hiding places big enough for a desk or a Peloton bike. Although you probably can’t add more square images to your home, you may be able to put mini-office in an unlikely place – like a closet.

3. Prepare Your Home for Sale

Another great task to consider is deep cleaning, which includes revealing your possessions. “Less is more,” Stillman says. “Especially when it comes to your home content. Fewer things will make your rooms, closets and closets more spacious. “Don’t forget to remove items that don’t appeal to a wide range of tastes. It can help maximize the number of potential buyers who can see themselves living in your home.

What is one advance that can make a big difference in just a few minutes? Here’s Khederian’s secret advice: “The fastest, cheapest and most effective thing you can do is take off heavy curtains and show off your windows! You want nothing to hinder the light and views of your home. “Any other ideas? Arranging each room with clean upholstered modern furniture, and furnishing your bathroom with fluffy white sheets worthy of five-star hotels.

4. When Is The Best Time To Sell A NYC Home?

If you’re worried about the ideal time to sell your New York home, don’t. Agents have good information on the subject. “Typically the spring and autumn markets are the most robust. However COVID-19 has turned the New York market on its head, “Khederian says.” Right now, we recommend listing as soon as you’re ready, because we don’t know where the market will be in a few months. “Stillman says.” Typically spring is the strongest market, followed by autumn. August and the holiday season tend to be slower. The inventory and quality price are big factors. The good news is that homes are sold 365 days a year. “And that’s one of the most important tips to know when it comes to preparing to sell your home.

5. What To Do About Real Estate Problems

As the old joke goes, no one is perfect. But when it comes to preparing to sell your home, perfectionism can come with a bigger payday. So what do you do when your home has, mistakenly, some buggers? Maybe it’s in a flood zone or has a history of bed infusions. The wisest course of action is to consult your property. After years or even decades in the business, they will know exactly how to handle it. Remember, honesty with your agent is the best policy – the more informed they are, the better they can present your property to potential buyers, without last-minute hiccups due to unexpected problems. In addition, it is probably a silver lining to any perceived problems. Whether it’s a bathroom in the kitchen or boarding five flights to access your apartment, it’s a charm to the strangeness of NYC real estate. “Hug it!” says Stillman. “It’s almost impossible for most buyers, at any price, to control every item of their wish list while shopping.” As a salesperson, emphasize the positives. There is a market for everything, including a tub in a kitchen space.

6. How To Sell Your NYC Home From Away or Far Away

There are many reasons you may need to sell your NYC home from afar, whether you hired yourself for your dream job in Beijing or relocated for health reasons. It is still very possible to have a perfect property, especially if you follow Khederian’s advice. “You have to have a broker you know and trust,” he says. “I would also make sure you have a virtual tour of the apartment on your list, as those become increasingly essential to the initial search process.” The main advice for sellers in this position is working with a broker who knows how to stage and market your home in addition to pricing and responding to market suggestions. “The current market is unexplored territory, and your broker needs to be smart, sharp and attentive.”

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