How to Stage Your Home for Sale: 7 Advantageous Tips

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When it comes to selling your home, there are two schools of thought on how to make the best impression on potential buyers. You make your choice with the existing furniture, or you can bring new furniture to give it a whole new look. “When we stage, we take a hybrid approach to this,” says Michelle Manske, co-founder of Henry and Higby, a professional organizing company in New York City. Here, Manske shares with her seven top tips on how to sell your home. If you are ready to put your home on the market, read on.

1: Let the Sun Shine

how to stage your home to sell

Open those curtains! It’s all about the light. (From a list at 240 E. 24th St. # 2G)

If you do nothing else to prepare your home for sale, clean your windows professionally. Letting in natural light during exhibitions and open houses will do wonders to increase the appeal of your space. “This is the biggest selling point for people,” Manske says. “It helps with photography, too.” Professional advice: Remove any dark window treatments and open the blinds as much as possible whenever the apartment is shown.

2: Unify Your Enlightenment

When potential buyers walk through a home, it can be annoying to experience different types of lighting in different rooms. Natural sunlight also helps with this. But to prevent the problem, try to match the light bulb you use for each appliance and lamp in the home. “I always tell customers to choose one type of light bulb and stay with it all over the world,” Manske says. “Personally, I love white light because it turns off the warmest light.”

3: Paste Neutral Paint Colors

nyc open houses November 7 and 8 — how to stage your home for sale

You love your bright turquoise dining room, but potential buyers may not. (From a list at 35 Underhill Ave. # B1H)

When deciding how to stage your home for sale, remember: The goal is to present potential buyers with a blank canvas. Yes, that means your beloved barn red accent wall may need to be overpainted. (And you should also consider removing all wallpaper.) Your best bet is to return your walls to a clean, white shade of paint. “Buyers don’t want to have to spend extra money to paint the home after they buy it,” Manske says. “Especially in a softer market, as we are now, they want to feel that their move will be as close as possible to a keyword.”

4: Copy Hotel Room Sense

When staging a room, try to think about what attracts a hotel room. The nicest hotel rooms are where you want to spend a lot of time, right? Make things simple and attractive. “This means white sheets and a white feather blanket on the bed, and curly white sheets in the bathrooms,” Manske says. (It also means your home should not only look good, it should also smell good.)

5: Remove Personal Items

how to stage your home to sell

Ahhh: clean, comfortable and messy. (From a list at 90 William St. number 16H)

Similarly, one big mistake you can make when it comes to home staging is to leave out too many personal things. These could include photographs, children’s art, papers and artifices. Help potential buyers see the space as their at home, not yours.

“People don’t want to look at photos of someone else’s family,” Manske says. “And they don’t want to have to guess what a space looks like, because too many things to collect mess it up. When we stage, we partially move things, and then we reject. As long as the property is on the market, the items we have relocated remain in short-term storage. “

6: Go for Small Upgrades

Before committing to a major overhaul of your kitchen or bathroom, consider first doing some simple upgrades. Small things can often make a big difference. One great thing to try is to replace tired cabinet hardware, such as handles and handles. “These are so easily interchangeable, and new ones can really enhance a space and make it feel more contemporary,” says Manske. “Look at Etsy. And Home Depot has a great line of high-quality hardware to choose from.”

7: Clean Your Closets

how to stage your home to sell

Keep those closets neat and tidy! You can bet people will peek inside. (Getty Images)

When staging your home to sell, don’t forget to give your closets a full time. In fact, anyone coming through your home for an open house will absolutely open those closet doors! Not because they’re spying, but because they want to see what kind of storage space. Crowded closets can make a buyer think the home doesn’t have enough. “If your closets are disorganized, a potential buyer may not be able to see how much storage you actually have,” says Manske. “You want to show off your entire home in the best way possible. And that includes your closet space.”

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