Increase Your Home’s “Screen Call” – Stay Informed and Inspired

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With home shows online during COVID-19, learn how to highlight your list on screen.

If you were to count on crowded open houses (or anyone open houses, for that) to sell your home, you’ve probably rethought your strategy. With so many people staying home, online sales lists have become more important than ever, and it all starts with increasing your home screen.

Stage your space

The first step to staging your home is aggressive messing. Put away all children’s and pets ’toys, store or recycle loose magazines and insert your picture frames and souvenirs now. You don’t want to erase the whole personality of your home, but you want it to feel neutral so that potential buyers can imagine living there. Also, the less random things displayed, the more spacious your rooms will look.

Then consider the layout. You may love how your rooms are arranged, but your furniture may not maximize space on screen. Take some test photos to see if the current layout photographs well. If you are planning to create a recorded or live video tour, do a video chat with a friend and see if you have a clear path between furniture. You definitely want to avoid stumbling an ottoman while you live.

Finally clean and dust any surface seen, and replace all light bulbs so that rooms are as bright as possible – even the most beautiful spaces will not read well on camera if they are too dark.

Consider virtual staging

If your current home is empty, you have a few options:

  • You can leave it blank. (But staged homes tend to sell faster.)
  • You can buy furniture if you can safely deliver it to your home. You only need a few key pieces to show the size of a room – a sofa, coffee table and rug set the size of a living room, for example. You can always resell or donate the pieces to a charity later if you don’t want to keep them.
  • You could try a virtual staging that digitally adds furniture to your space. It has come a long way and can make a home look very attractive. There are many online services as well as DIY programs to choose from.

Your home looks great now share it

There are a few ways to expose your home online to generate more interest, even when having an agent or professional photographer to work with is not an option or involves creative solutions.

By still photos, see our comprehensive photographic guide for home sellers.

For creative advice recorded or live video games, take a look at these tips.

And finally consider trying the free one Zillow 3D Home® program, an easy way to create a virtual tour via iPhone and post it to Zillow, Trulia your social accounts and more.

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