Preparing Your Home for Cheaters

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Consider these tips to ensure a fun and safe Halloween night.

As we fall into autumn, many of us begin to look forward to Halloween. It’s a holiday, adults can enjoy as much as children. But, homeowners do have one important duty on this fun night: If you’re expecting cheaters, you need to make sure the road to your door is safe.

Don’t travel

Inevitably, some capricious ghosts and demons will rush excitedly to your door. Be ready.

In the full light of day, inspect your lawn, driveway, and front road to excite hazards such as exposed tree roots, cracks in concrete, or missing pavers. Make repairs as much as possible, or at least remove access to unsafe areas.

Meanwhile, if you’ve decorated the front yard with decorations like light pumpkins and animated figures, keep electric cords away from your footpaths.

Light the way

Make sure the road to your house is bright enough for trick doctors to approach safely.

You do not need to install a full set of year-round landscape lighting simply to accommodate visitors on Halloween night. There are many temporary and inexpensive options for lighting, from bright sticks to theolums.

And while it may seem more in keeping with the mood of this ghostly night to turn off your porch light, it’s much safer – not to mention more appealing – to continue it.

Resist flammable decoration

Whether to blame for vandals or accidents, there are far more fires in Halloween than a typical October night, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Holiday decorations are often quite flammable, with materials such as paper, hay and dried corn sticks.

If you can’t resist decorating your home and yard with such potentially dangerous things, then be sure to keep them away from candles and other hot springs. If ghosts or lights appear at your parties, light them with LED theolines, not with flames.

Limit your dog

Maybe yours is a friendly dog. But if some Halloween costumes are convincing enough to scare little kids, those same catches could be just as annoying for your puppy – especially on such a very energetic night.

It is prudent to keep your dog in an indoor space comfortable and safe.

A festive parade of goblins and demons, princesses and superheroes will soon march to your house. Do your part by clearing the way and illuminating the way. Be safe out there, and happy Halloween!


Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect Zillow’s opinion or position.

Originally published in October 2014.

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