Section 8 Living in New York City: The Quick Facts to Know

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Section 8 housing explained

Finding buildings that accept 8-coupon sections can be a difficult – not to mention confusing – experience. We have covered you with the following facts about Section 8 housing.

What Is the Section 8 Program?

La Residential Choice Coupon Program, commonly known as Section 8, is a government program that provides poor families, older adults and the disabled with rental assistance in the private housing sector. Eligibility for this program is determined by household size and annual gross income.

Once they are admitted to the program, participants are given a coupon to begin their home search in the neighborhood of their choice. Typically families pay 30% of their monthly income through rent, and the program takes care of the difference in rental costs through a grant, paying the landlord directly.

How to Apply for a Section 8 Residence in New York City

New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) and the New York Department of Housing and Conservation (HPD) administer separate Section 8 programs. The two organizations operate independently and have different eligibility requirements. The HPD program does not offer coupons to the general public, while NYCHA does, but they stopped accepting new requests in 2009 because their waiting list is exceptionally long. Additionally, potential tenants requesting coupons via HPD should be referred by the Department of Homeless Services or Human Resources Management (HRA).

Where to Find Landlords That Take Section 8

Although it could take years to get into the Section 8 program, NYCHA has made it a little easier to find owners who accept the coupons. Ilia GoSection8 website offers the most comprehensive source for listing Section 8 housing in New York City. There is also an option for interested landlords to upload their listings to the site as well.

Avoid fraud through government websites

Not all websites advertising section 8 application help are created equal. Non-government websites may target tenants looking for Section 8 housing and claim the ability to process your request more quickly for a fee. It’s completely free to apply to Section 8 housing, so if someone tries to charge you, report the activity to 311. Here’s another tip: Residents in New York City and almost anywhere will never email or call asking for your social security number, credit card details or bank information .

Landlords Must Follow State Laws and HUD Rules

Landlords participating in section 8 are held to the same legal standards as all other tenants in New York. They are expected to retain their properties and make repairs in accordance with state laws. There are also a few additional requirements, such as passing a health and safety inspection and following HUD guidelines. Likewise, tenants who own section 8 coupons have the same responsibilities as renters without coupons, and must sign a lease to fulfill the rules of their lease and pay rent on time.

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