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What Is The Street Easy Assessment?

The StreetEasy Appraisal is a new tool available to homeowners that shows an estimate of the current market value of their property, powered by NYC’s unparalleled StreetEasy real estate market data. It is intended as a starting point for determining the value of a home, and does not constitute an estimate. We encourage owners to contact a real estate professional for more information on the potential value of their property.

How Do I Access My Street Easy Assessment?

To see the Street Easy Appraisal of a home you own, simply visit the StreetEasy sales page. Enter the details of your home in the StreetEasy Valuation fields, and you will be led to your assessment. Note that the Street Easy Assessment is only available to homeowners, and is not visible to the public.

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How Do You Calculate the Street Easy Assessment?

The Street Easy Assessment uses statistical and machine learning methods that examine millions of data points to determine an approximate value for each home.

To calculate StreetEasy Estimation, StreetEasy uses its own AI-powered algorithm that incorporates data from public city records, along with StreetEasy data on each particular home, building, and neighborhood.

The StreetEasy Assessment calculates variables such as:

  • Home features, including a square picture and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Building features, including location, age and amenities, in addition to nearby parks and public transportation
  • Market data, such as past sale price and comparable homes in the region that have recently been sold, along with other public records

StreetEasy has the ability to calculate estimates for hundreds of thousands of homes across New York City. Note that only homes listed on StreetEasy previously and for which we have a sufficient amount of data will have access to StreetEasy Rating.

How Accurate Is The Street Easy Assessment?

The accuracy depends on the availability of data at a specific location. Some areas have more detailed home information available – such as square footage and number of bedrooms or bathrooms – and other areas do not. The more data available, the more accurate the assessment will be.

Our goal with this tool is to bring transparency to the market and help homeowners make informed decisions. We update our estimates when we receive new information or data to ensure that they reflect recent market changes.

My Street Easy Rating seems too low or too high. What gives?

The amount of data we have for your home and homes in your area directly affects the accuracy of your Street Easy Assessment. If your Street Easy Rating appears too low or too high, we may not have the most current or accurate details about your home. Again, the Street Easy Valuation is intended only as a starting point for determining the value of your home, and is only visible to you.

To ensure the most accurate assessment, report all home updates to your local taxpayer. Unreported additions, updates and remodels are not reflected in the rating. Also check that your tax history, price history (the sale price and the date you bought your home), as well as other details, are correct at StreetEasy.

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Why Doesn’t My Home Have a Street Easy Assessment?

Currently StreetEasy Appraisal is only available for properties in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens listed on StreetEasy and for which we have sufficient data. If you don’t see an appraisal for your home, you can contact StreetEasy Advisor, who can provide resources on the market and pricing. They can also facilitate an introduction to an agent in our StreetEasy Experts network who has experience closing deals on homes just like yours.

Can Others See My Street Easy Assessment?

Currently the StreetEasy Appraisal is only available to the owner of a defined home. When you claim your home as an owner, you can access this information within a dashboard of information and data to help you inform about your market position.

Note that the Street Easy Valuation is an estimated value meant as a starting point for educating homeowners because they are considering selling and are not an appraisal.

How Can The Street Easy Assessment Help Me Sell My Home?

The Street Easy Valuation is a high-end estimate of the current value of your home, however it is not an estimate. To learn more about the value of your home, consult a real estate professional. The appraisal aims to give NYC homeowners a sense of the potential value of their home so that they can make more informed decisions about what to do with their property.

If you are interested in selling your home, consult with StreetEasy Advisor. They can match you with a listing agent who has a history of StreetEasy-controlled closing deals on homes like yours.

How Do You Calculate The Rental Rate?

We calculate the rental estimate shown in the homeowner’s private panel using a similar methodology and the same information we use to calculate the Street Easy Valuation. Our rental estimates also take advantage of hundreds of thousands of current and historical listings from the StreetEasy platform.

Should I Sell My Home?

Selling your home is an important decision, and only you can know if it’s right for you. If you want an independent opinion, we can match StreetEasy Expert – A third agent who has verified experience in closing deals on homes like yours, and who can offer their point of view on the market and your property.

My Street Easy Rating is different from my Zestima Rating. Who Should I Trust? Why Are They Different?

The Street Easy Assessment was designed and built independently of the Zestimate assessment. Both are independent estimates of the potential value of a home that are designed to authorize and inform homeowners. In some cases, the data used to calculate each assessment may not be identical. To ensure the utmost accuracy of your StreetEasy Appraisal, make sure that all property information displayed at StreetEasy is accurate and current.

Homeowners should use the Street Easy Appraisal only as a starting point, along with additional research and the guidance of real estate professionals, to make more informed financial decisions about their home.

More Resources for Home Sellers

For more on the sales process, including costs, deadlines and support strategies, visit our New York Vendors Guide.

Disclaimer: This content is not intended to give legal, financial or real estate advice. It is for informational purposes only, and some links provided are for the convenience of the users. Please seek the services of a legal, accounting or real estate professional before any real estate transaction.

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