StreetEasy Experts: NYC Agents With Proven Experience To Help You Buy And Sell With Ease

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Whether you’re aiming to buy or sell a home in New York City, agents from StreetEasy Experts have checked experience on home deals like yours. (Getty Images)

Buying and selling a home in New York City can be complicated. Whatever side of the deal you have, there is a lot of information – about the neighborhood, construction history, even the whims of the cooperative board.

StreetEasy created the Experts program to make things easier. Experts are a network of agents who have a verified history of deals in buildings and neighborhoods, and who aim for the highest level of customer service. Experts are both deeply experienced and great to work with. That is why we recommend using them when it comes time to buy or sell.

You will see Experts listed on a growing number of sales in StreetEasy. These are agents with proven experience working in that building or area – real estate professionals we think would make an ideal buyer for you, based on the listings you consider.

Are you a homeowner thinking about selling? We can also match you with an experienced agency that closes home deals just like yours. Visit our Sales page accompany with an experienced listing agent and access other helpful tools, such as the StreetEasy Valuation – a data-driven, NYC-specific estimate of the current market value of your home, available only to homeowners.

Why Street Easy Experts Make Actors From Big Buyers

You don’t strictly need a buying agent in New York City, though we strongly recommend you to work with one. A good buyer’s agent will:

  • Provide information you may not receive otherwise
  • Feed yourself through the deal, and connect with other benefits, such as a real estate lawyer
  • Negotiate about your – and only your – name

Best of all, a buyer’s agent costs you nothing because their commission is paid by the seller.

If you are not working with a buying agent, and are instead negotiating with the real estate listing agent, you should enter what is called “double agency.” This is not unusual in New York City, however it can get complicated.

StreetEasy has designed Experts based on years of research to make it easier to find the ideal buyer for the properties and neighborhoods you are considering. When you look at a list, you will see the names and photos of agents we checked as Experts for that listing.

a picture of street easy experts on a list

Select one of the StreetEasy experts shown on the list.

Click on the names of experts to see their relevant agreement.

an image of street expert agents deals with history

Clicking on an Expert agent will show you their verified deal.

To continue, simply select the expert you would like to talk to and send them a message. They will respond to you within 24 hours – and probably much sooner. In addition to knowing about that listing and neighborhood, any Expert you see in a listing will have a verified record of providing advanced service to customers.

Note that contacting StreetEasy Expert does not force you to work with them. Specialty agents welcome your company, but in the home shopping process in New York City, you’re allowed to work with any agent you like – or no buying agent at all.

Why StreetEasy Experts Make Excellent Listing Agents

Selling your home yourself is a choice, but most vendors prefer to use an experienced, licensed professional who understands the market and knows how to price, market and stage a particular home.

As a seller, this will cost you something – often around 6% of the sale price, although that figure is negotiable. But in return, you will know that there is an experienced professional dedicated to finding a buyer for your home at the best price.

Finding a great listing agent isn’t always easy, but StreetEasy simplifies it with the Experts program. Simple contact us and tell us a little about your possessions, and we will match you up with a top local agent who has verified experience in closing home deals just like yours.

Our recommendations are personalized, objective and supported by New York City’s most trusted real estate platform. And you don’t need to know if you want to sell to match yourself with Expert.

If you’re just wondering about the state of the market for homes like yours, or are looking for more details on what your home might be worth, we can connect you with a StreetEasy Expert listing agency that will be an ideal tip. . Only extend the hand.

How do Agents Qualify to Join StreetEasy Experts?

StreetEasy qualifies agents to join the Experts program based on their agreement history. While program requirements vary by building type and location, all Experts have a controlled record of closing agreements in a given building or neighborhood. When you see experienced agents on a list, or match one as a homeowner, these are the real estate professionals now available that StreetEasy knows best to qualify to help you buy or sell.

Are you an agent looking to join Experts? Read more about the program.

Are you looking his or Buy, Find your next NYC apartment at StreetEasy.

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