StreetEasy Home Buyers 2020 Seminars: Summary and Recordings

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If you’ve attended some of StreetEasy’s earliest buyer seminars, we hope you feel well-informed about the unique process of buying a home in New York City.

But if you missed these seminars, don’t worry. We have full recordings of all four, ready for you to watch and learn what you need to buy in New York City right now. Whether you are in the early stages of buying a home or are ready to pick your deadline, there is a video for you here.

NYC Housing Market: According to the Numbers

In our first home buyer seminar, Street Easy Economist Nancy Wu shared a timely overview of the New York City housing market. She dealt with recent price trends across the townships and answered viewers questions about trying to time the market, whether right now is a good time to buy, where buyers can negotiate the biggest price reductions, and more.

Expert Perspective: The Purchasing Process

In this seminar, Aaron Seawood, an authorized associate real estate broker at Triplemint, explained the most important steps of the home purchase journey. He talked about his experiences working with successful buyers, and how they search, tour and offer deals – even during a pandemic. If you want to learn more about building your professional team and how hiring a buying agent can benefit you, this seminar is one you don’t want to miss.

Expert Perspective: Preparing Your Finances

The financial transaction is one of the most daunting parts of the home buying process. In this session, Tony Jao, an experienced mortgage broker at Investors Bank, presented the process of preparing your finances in simple terms. He covered the way to pre-approval, how interest rates change and how to determine the house price you can pay.

Expert Perspective: How to Close

Home buyers sometimes think that once they find a home they love, the steps from there to closing will be easy. It turns out it’s not that simple. This home buyer seminar gives you the inside push to reach your deadline, with advice from Jean Chou, a senior lawyer at JLC ​​& Associates and a real estate expert. Watch this to know about the legal pitfalls to avoid and how to know when it’s time to hire a real estate lawyer.

Thanks for tuning in! For more tips and tricks on buying a home, check out our complete guide to shopping in New York City.

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