VIDEO: 1314 Seneca Avenue – Tenants Speak Up!



GOTCHA: Rude, Ignorant Del Shah Manager Blogs About Her Thoughts

Do you ever wonder what your landlord thinks of you? Do you feel like you need proof  that all of this “Predatory Equity” stuff is related to the fact that maybe, some landlords just hate  poor people?

Well, here’s your answer. It’s a bit dated, but thanks to organizer Kerri White, this document has resurfaced.

Inane, inappropriate, unprofessional, and discriminatory – here are some ugly tidbits of the Del Shah Capital perspective from building manager Maria Luisa’s blog.

“Ok so I am a property manager or like an onsite manager that makes sure that the super and the maintenance guys are doing their job, we are getting paid by the tenants and making sure everything is running smoothly. Oh and one more thing I work with Section 8 and Welfare so if you know ANYTHING about the then you will understand why I HATE this building!”

“Anyways so I get funny tenants coming to my office everyday with complains like:

I have no heat!

I have no hot water!

My toilet is running – please not smart comments on that one cause I can think of a million! LOL

My light is out!

Pesticide and rodents!

I get it all!!!! I also have crazy people who are one day going to drive me insane because I see them everyday with their complains. They complaing about EVERYTHING! I mean they have sort of a right to….Now why do I say sort of?! Because THEY DON’T PAY THEIR GOD DAMNED RENT!!! They come into MY office with their hair done and nails done but they can’t pay their $160 portion of the rent! Oh and lets not talk about Christmas how everyone got presents but they can’t pay their rent! And they have the nerve to take US to court because they “supposedly” dont’ pay their rent because of broken things in their house that we took care of in less than a day but they still aren’t paying the rent. Wow must be GREAT to be them! Oh and calling Section 8 or welfare?! Forget about it! They never pick up and when they do ATTITUDE! That’s why I LOVE being a BITCH at my job….why?! cause unfortunately you have to lower yourself to their level in order for them to understand you. Crazy right?!

That’s just a little part of my day but it’s very entertaining at times. I have even gone and knocked on people’s doors and I SWEAR TO GOD that one man answered the door in his fucking tight ass thong looking boxers. He only had that on not even slippers and every question we asked him his response was “I DUNNO.” I felt like slapping some answers into him! He had a huge pot/beer belly and some crusty looking toes! I couldn’t help but notice this! lol

This is why I say WOMEN please please please please please marry a guy who is going to support you and not depend on some government program to pay your rent! It’s a disgrace to the hispanic community how some of these hispanics live here. I want to run out of this building most of the time but it’s amazing how these peopel LOVE living like this. Have a nasty apartment can’t pay the rent but are driving the car of the year! There are actual people who really need this help and some of the people here disgust me!”

Del Shah is one sketchy company.  In fact, organizer Dan Desloover and I just began organizing in one of their buildings on 1314 Seneca Avenue in the Bronx.  What skeezes us out the most (apart from the truly appalling conditions in the building) is Del Shah’s purchasing practices. When Del Shah buys buildings, first they buy the building using a non-profit called “The African American Parent Council” before they transfer the deed to themselves.  Yes, this definitely smells funny, and this blog post by their building manager is an excellent reminder that these negligent landlords aren’t just lazy – they have bad intentions too.