VIDEOS: June 2 Protest Against NYCB

Wondering what it looks like to protest New York Community Bank? One week ago, tenants from all over New York City showed up outside of the NYCB annual shareholders meeting. They demanded that the bank practice more responsible lending. One tenant who was in attendance lives with her husband and two daughters in a NYCB building that was recently destroyed by an electrical fire. NYCB is demanding $1.1M for the incredibly distressed property.  “I’m here because this is our life,” she said.

While we took this video and chanted with tenants outside, our allies at Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition and National People’s Action brought tenants inside the shareholder’s meeting to directly appeal to the NYCB executives and shareholders. They were denied the opportunity to speak at the meeting. Thanks to Amanda, we have a video of what happened inside.