The Housing Amenities New Yorkers Want Most In Pandemic

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With so many New Yorkers spending more time at home because of the pandemic, housing amenities in New York City have become much more important.

StreetEasy has long offered search filters for units that favor pets, or have in-first laundry or outdoor space. And in response to requests for more specific searches, StreetEasy has recently added new filters, allowing you to distinguish homes with private outdoor space, central air conditioning, special views and more.

So what kind of apartments do New Yorkers want the most? We looked at anonymized search data to find out which domestic traits became most popular during the pandemic.

Working From Home Calls For Central Air And Views

The wave of remote work that began with the pandemic now appears more constant for many New Yorkers, increasing the importance of the comforts of an apartment. By 2020, nearly a third of all searches on StreetEasy included a nice filter. That exceeds 22% in 2019.

Since December 1, shortly after the launch of StreetEasy’s newest filters, tenants and buyers have remained consistent on the most important feature for their next apartment: an indoor washing machine and dryer. Last year, this comfort dethroned the ability to have pets, as the best New Yorkers want in an apartment.

A new entry to the top 10 lists of amenities is a central air conditioner, which can be a major upgrade from the typical window switching device. Although all of the searches discussed here took place in December and January – some of the coldest months in New York City – central AC was requested three times more often than a fireplace.

Home buyers can now also filter for various types of views of their unit, including urban and water views. And although once New Yorkers may have taken a good look at a brick wall to be in a better place or save a few dollars, that calculation may change. So far more users have included a specific type of view in their search (i.e., city view, water view, park view) than specified units with parking or that come furnished.

Not Every Outdoor Space Creates Equally

Another filter that has quickly jumped into the top 10 is private outdoor space. Since the new filters launched, searches for private outdoor space have surpassed those for common outdoor spaces (such as roof decks or courtyards) by nearly seven to one. They outnumbered more than three against one searches for buildings with a gym.

It’s not hard to see why. In a pandemic, having a private outdoor space means the ability to go outside – and do yoga, go deep or just go out – without wearing a mask. This is a rare treat in crowded NYC.

“Privacy was key recently,” says Reba Miller, an authorized real estate salesman at Berkshire Hathaway. “Balconies and terraces are in high demand. I was also asked about private elevator access, and the number of units in a building more frequently since COVID. The more private, the better. “

Whether you’re looking for your next home, or dreaming of a private terrace with water views, get started a StreetEasy search and take a look at the latest filters for apartment amenities.

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