Why You Should Consider Buying a House on Staten Island

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What if you could live in New York and have a whole house to yourself, including a backyard and, oh yes, a garage, for a lot less than $ 1 million? If that’s your kind of residential paradise, this is Staten Island. It’s one of those rare sections of New York City that feels more suburban than urban. There’s more to love, such as quick and free access to Manhattan courtesy of the Staten Island Ferry – a bonus you won’t find in areas near the city. (Westchester and Long Island, we’re talking about you!) It’s also the greenest town with more than 10,000 acres of parkland. When it comes to getting the most profit for your buying dollars, Staten Island delivers really well. As of September 2020, the median sale price was $ 629,944, a discount compared to Manhattan’s average asking price of $ 1,400,000.

Where is Staten Island Located?

Riding the Ferry to Staten Island

Do you need to take the ferry? You will find plenty of parking near the St George’s Railway Terminal on Staten Island. (Image Bank)

As its name implies, it is an island that lies only between New Jersey and Brooklyn, southwest of Manhattan. Do you have a car? Staten Island is connected to Brooklyn by the Verrazano Narrow Bridge. Several different bridges lead to New Jersey Harbor, including the Bayonne Bridge.

If you plan to travel by the Staten Island Ferry to Manhattan, you can expect a 25-minute trip. There are a number of options to get to the ferry within Staten Island. If you drive, there are many paid parking lots available. It is also accessible via the Staten Island Railway, which is free to use.

A Good Habitat?

1097 Rensselaer Avenue, SI house with swimming pool

Yes, many SI homes on the market for less than $ 1M have a pool! (From a list at 1097 Rensselaer Ave..)

Lisa Lonuzzi of Corcoran has lived in the township for the past 30 years and has long represented lists there. For her, it was the perfect place.

“The two biggest draws I would say are comfort and affordability. I feel like that works for me as a resident,” she says. “I can get into Brooklyn and Manhattan when I need to quickly, and I have more space to spread out at home.”

The cheapness of the island is very interesting for many. Jorge Mendoza of United National Realty Group says he has worked with buyers who relocate from Brooklyn or Queens, where they may have lived in an apartment or town hall.

“My customers can pay a lot more on Staten Island,” he adds. “They get more square footage, bigger terrain and driveways.”

What are the best things to do on Staten Island?

The View from St George Staten Island

This spectacular view could be yours if you lived in St. George’s, the northeastern tip of the island. (From a list at Bay Street Landing # 5I)

Lonuzzi says there are many great secrets to Staten Island that the average visitor might not know about. One of them is the Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden on the North Shore. Several museums, such as the Staten Island Children’s Museum and the National Lighthouse Museum. The St. George’s Theater is the place for live entertainment. The venue rivals Radio City Music Hall.

There are also many parks, such as Silver Lake Park and High Rock Park, both of which offer trails and plenty of leisure space. And if you like the water better, Staten Island has beaches.

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk is 2.5 miles long and stretches along the beach. There are several public beaches where swimming is allowed, such as South Beach and Midland Beach.

Notable Neighborhoods

Homes on the North Shore have a distinctive suburban feel that you won’t find in most sections of New York City. (From a list at 300 Henderson Ave.)

Staten Island is considered to have three sections: the North Shore, the South Shore and Middle Island. Lonuzzi explains that the North Shore is home to older dwellings since it was the first island region settled and developed. Houses on the South Shore tend to be much newer.

Richmondtown is a neighborhood that dates back to the 1600s. Much of it has been preserved to look like all those years ago. Many neighborhoods are on hillsides because the island has great geographical diversity. Todt Hill has an excellent view of the water and is also the highest point in all of New York City.

St. George’s is the place to look if you’re planning to drive in Manhattan. This is the closest neighborhood to the ferry Staten Island. Meanwhile, Randall Manor also gives excellent access to the ferry by offering older houses. This neighborhood was well ahead of the time the Verrazano Bridge opened in the 1960s.

How Did Staten Island Get Its Name?

The name “Staten Island” comes from the Dutch “Staaten Eylandt”, which was intended to honor the Dutch parliament called Staaten General. When the New York colony was divided into districts in 1693, the island was called the “Town of Richmond.” While both Richmond and Staten Island were used interchangeably for some time, it was not until 1975 that New York City officially renamed the town of Staten Island.

Famous islanders of Staten

Victoria Home for sale Staten Island

Large Victorian-style homes abound on Staten Island. (From a list at 19 Alvine Avenue)

Many celebrities call Staten Island home, such as Pete Davidson, who recently presented his education in the town in the movie “King of Staten Island.” His fellow co-star Colin Jost is also from the town.

Many members of the Wu-Tang Clan also come from Staten Island. And GISS Simmons of KISS spent her college years in St. George.

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay is also a native of Staten Island.

How Can I Find a Home on Staten Island?

87 Glenwood Avenue Staten Island

Imagine living in this majestic colonel home on Staten Island. (From a list at 87 Glenwood Ave..)

You can start with searching at StreetEasy. You will find many single-family and two-family homes, in addition to some cooperatives and apartments. Mendoza recommends looking at properties all over the island, especially if you don’t know the neighborhoods. It’s a great way to get to know the town’s offerings.

“I think they will find that there are quite a few homes available to suit some needs,” he says.

Are you looking his or Buy, Find your next NYC apartment at StreetEasy.

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