Your House May Be High On The Buying Wish List This Holiday Season

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Your House May Be High On The Buying Wish List This Holiday Season |  Simplifying The Market

Around this time each year, many homeowners decide to wait until after the holidays to sell their houses. Similarly, others who already have their homes on the market are removing their listings by spring. Let’s unpack the main reasons why selling your house now or keeping it on the market this season is the best choice. This year buyers want to buy homes for the holidays, and your house may be suitable.

Here are seven great reasons not to expect to sell your home this holiday season:

1. Buyers are active now. Mortgage rates are historically low, providing motivated for those who are willing to get more for their money over the life of their home loan.

2. Buyers looking for homes during the holidays are serious, and they are ready to buy.

3. You can limit the displays in your house to days and hours that are most convenient for you, or even choose virtual options. You will remain dominant, especially today vendor market.

4. Homes decorated for the holidays attract many buyers.

5. Today there is minimal competition for you as a salesperson. There just aren’t enough houses on the market to satisfy a buyer, which means sellers are on the driver’s seat. Over the past year, inventory has declined to record lows, so it’s the right time to sell your house (See graph below): Your House May Be High On The Buying Wish List This Holiday Season |  Simplifying The Market6. The desire to own a home does not stop during the holidays. Buyers who searched during the fall and encountered more and more bidding wars are still waiting. Your home may be the answer.

7. This season is the sweet spot for vendors, and the number of listings will grow after the holidays. In many regions, more new construction will also be sold in 2021, which will lower the demand for your house next year.

Bottom Line

More than ever, this is perhaps the most sensible way to list your home during the holiday season. Let’s connect today to determine if selling now is your best move.

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